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Oregon Coast Aquarium

Three projects along the central Oregon coast will have to do without state funding, at least for now.

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With nearly all organized sports shut down worldwide due to the coronavirus, gamblers looking to place their sports wagers through the Oregon Lottery have slim pickings. And that’s caused the number of wagers placed to drop dramatically.

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The Oregon lottery was established in 1984 by popular vote. Over time, citizens have elected to add video poker and direct portions of the revenue to state parks and watersheds. The lottery has become a crucial source of funds for many. 


Oregon Lottery Both Helps and Pitches to Latinos

Mar 25, 2015
Oregon Lottery

Half of all Oregonians play the state lottery and up to five percent of them are problem gamblers. The Lottery is now aiming more help at Latino problem gamblers.  At the same time, in a departure from the past, it is also now promoting its games to Latinos and other minorities. 

Octavio would head to the video poker machines at Shari's before work and Denny's after work every day and all day on weekends:

"El juego no fue algo divertido despues, fue una necesidad..."

Gambling addiction is not new in Oregon. An estimated 2.7 percent of the State's population identify as having struggled with the issue at some point. For the first time, the U.S. government is bringing attention to the subject by highlighting March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month. That may be due to the millions of people filling out brackets for the NCAA's basketball tournament. Julie Hynes is Lane County's Gambling Prevention Coordinator. She says March Madness can exacerbate problems for recovering gamblers, but it's usually not an issue for the average person.