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We’ve covered the air quality index (AQI) – a lot this smoky summer.  But it turns out that closing windows and doors for lengthy periods may give you a false sense of safety, even during wildfire season.

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As wildfires erupt across the Western U.S., environmental scientists note that they’ve started earlier and have burned more intensely than in previous years. 

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Wildfires pose a threat to many rural areas, which have ranches and farms.  A rural veterinary instructor has tips for keeping large animals like horses and livestock safe during fire season.

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Oregon State made easy work of Florida State in the first round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament on Sunday, with an 83-59 win. OSU had three players with double-digit scoring, led by Aleah Goodman with 24 points. Taylor Jones added 18 and Sasha Goforth had 14 in the win.

The Beavers went into the game as a No. 8 seed, facing the ninth-seeded Seminoles. Oregon State shot 55% in field goals and made 46% of their shots from beyonf the arc, going 7/15 from three-point range.

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Oregon State Men’s Basketball will be playing in the Pac-12 Tournament title game for the first time since 1988. The Beavers dominated Oregon, 75-64, on Friday in Las Vegas, knocking out the regular season champs.

The Beavers were aggressive from the start, building a 19-point lead in the second half. The Ducks had a late rally with, closing the gap to only 5 points with under 5 minutes left to play. Oregon State’s Jared Lucas hit a 3-pointer to stop a 15-3 run and the Beavers pushed the lead back to 12.

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As COVID-19 vaccines are administered across Oregon, a big part of their reception by residents will depend on messaging.

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Back in April, Oregon State University launched a program to test randomly selected Corvallis households for COVID-19. Now, that tracing effort is coming to Eugene.

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Climate change remains a divisive issue in politics, even with the majority of scientific research establishing the role of greenhouse gas emissions in global warming.

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While the destructive wildfires burned forests and towns this year, they will likely benefit fish, namely salmon.

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As homeowners across Oregon sift through the ashes and debris, their rate of recovery from this year’s wildfires will be uneven, due to several factors.

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Early Native Americans did controlled burns to eliminate excess fuel or “slash” ahead of the hotter, drier periods.  Now some researchers want that practice to be revisited as a way to offset hotter and more intense wildfire seasons.

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The 2020 wildfire season has seen some of the worst property destruction in Oregon’s history.  Wildfire experts warn communities need to be prepared for more like this one.

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The Benton County Health Department is anticipating a bump in positive COVID-19 cases after expanded testing in Corvallis. New results could be the outcome of Oregon State University’s door-to-door study.


Frequent use of marijuana by young adults may drive up risk-taking. That’s from a new study by Oregon State University.

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On the outskirts of the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, there’s a wave research lab, where two giant concrete basins can simulate the impacts of big waves. KLCC learned about some of the current research. 

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Oregon State University says a new lab will help develop safer and more economically viable wood products.

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Compared to babies and dogs, cats are often seen as more aloof and detached from their caregivers.  But as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the bond between human and feline is purr-fectly tight.

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Oregon State University has had a banner year in research grant funding—nearly 440 million dollars in 2019. (Only in 2017 did the institution bring in more research grants and contracts in a fiscal year.) Their research has potential impacts in Oregon, across the country and around the globe. 

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Progress on what’s billed as one of the first “vertical evacuation” sites in the U.S. is proceeding steadily. KLCC’s Brian Bull gives an update on Oregon State University’s Marine Studies Building in Newport.

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Women have been secretly video-recorded while walking across the Oregon State University campus lately, warn officials.

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A threat left on a whiteboard caused the evacuation of a building on the Oregon State University campus today.

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If you’ve ever yearned to discuss the scholarly aspects of the rock band, Phish, Oregon State University will accommodate.

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The Oregon State Women’s Basketball team’s run in the NCAA Tournament came to an end Friday night, as the Beavers were ousted by No. 1 Louisville 61-44.

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The Oregon State University graduate student who placed racist stickers on activists’ cars in 2017 has been sentenced for hate crimes. 

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After a collapse caused construction delays earlier this year, Oregon State University says work on its new Forestry Building is coming along well.  KLCC’s Chris Lehman reports.

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The next generation of high-tech adhesives may get a jump-start from the science behind sticky frog tongues. New research led by Oregon State University’s College of Engineering finds the chemical makeup of frog mucus could guide design for glues used in mechanics and medicine.

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People will be celebrating the work of bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles during National Pollinator Week -- June 18-24. Oregonians are zeroing in on bees, an insect with over 500 species in the Pacific Northwest.

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An Oregon State University professor who, for years, posted satirical cartoons anonymously on Instagram, has now published his work in a book.

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Following an outbreak of the deadly Meningococcal B disease, Oregon State University instituted a vaccination requirement policy. Students who do not comply will not be allowed to enroll in classes next term. And that’s not all.

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The Corvallis graduate student facing hate crime charges has been recalled in an Associated Students of Oregon State University election.