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PeaceHealth Oregon has adjusted the visitor policy in its hospitals and freestanding clinics. Now, patients who are neither COVID-19 suspect or positive, are allowed one visitor, or two—approved on a case-by-case basis.

PeaceHealth Oregon

Donors and community leaders toured a new 20-room patient family guest house Thursday on the PeaceHealth RiverBend campus in Springfield.

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Friday afternoon, about 200 moms, dads, and children marched along the sidewalks outside PeaceHealth Medical Center RiverBend in Springfield. They rallied in protest of the hospital’s planned closure of the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center.

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PeaceHealth Oregon announced last week it will close the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center in Springfield at the end of August. Some midwives say this will have a significant impact on the Lane County midwifery community and options for expectant mothers.

Tiffany Eckert

Health care professionals representing all major labor unions at PeaceHealth RiverBend and University District hospitals rallied Thursday to stop a plan to outsource physician services, increase shift hours, and lay off staff. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert asked one of the hospital physicians to explain the current dispute.

Tiffany Eckert

Hundreds of health care professionals rallied outside PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Hospital in Springfield Thursday.

An influx of patients with the flu is putting pressure on medical staff. Hospital systems in many parts of Oregon are currently operating at full capacity.

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Tiffany Eckert

Friday afternoon, a Lane County jury awarded the mother of Lauren Jones $1.5 million in a malpractice case against PeaceHealth Medical Center.

Tiffany Eckert

Whether caused by birth defect, vascular disease or traumatic accident, the Amputee Coalition predicts 3.6 million people will be living with limb loss by the year 2050. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert recently met four amputees in the Willamette Valley and she brings us their stories of struggle and accomplishment.

The Oregon Association of Hospitals announced every health system in the state will now provide a cost estimate for any planned procedure.  

The initiative is expected to reduce “sticker shock” for potential patients.  They say it will help uninsured and out-of-network patients understand the potential costs for services.