pet safety

As Fourth of July approaches, animal control services and shelters remind pet owners to take precautions to preserve their pet’s safety during firework celebrations.


Brian Bull / KLCC

For all the talk of disaster preparedness these days, animal welfare advocates are reminding people that the family pet also deserves protection and care in the event of an incident.

Greenhill Humane Society Says Pets And Pot Don't Mix

Jul 7, 2015

Recreational marijuana became legal on July 1. Greenhill Humane Society is reminding pet owners not to use pot around their animals because of potential health risks. 

Marijuana smoke and edibles are dangerous to pets. Greenhill Executive Director Cary Lieberman says people need to be aware of marijuana plants and second hand smoke around pets.

Lieberman: “Plants definitely should be kept out of range of dogs and cats that can jump up on counters. And foods containing marijuana or the marijuana itself should be stored in containers that are secure and pet proof.”

Flooding At The Deschutes River

Jan 3, 2015
Joe Kline / The Bulletin

Last week's freezing temperatures and higher flows from tributaries contributed to flooding in the Deschutes River in Bend. Property was affected between Colorado and Galveston Avenue's. Staff from Bend's streets department filled at least 350 sandbags for residents in that area. Bend Communications Director Justin Finestone says in addition to rising water levels, many people are walking out onto parts of the river that are frozen over.