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Brooks Fahy / Predator Defense

The leader of a Eugene-based advocacy group is urging changes to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s policies toward predator animals after a bobcat was killed this week.

Bannock County Sheriff's office

Oregon U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio has introduced a bill to ban the use of M-44s, or cyanide bombs, nationwide. That’s just as Governor Kate Brown is poised to sign a statewide ban here.

Predator Defense

Coyote Hunting contest is happening this weekend in Harney County . Predator advocates are condemning the event, especially given the ongoing occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by armed militants .

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

A wildlife advocacy organization says the shooting of a cougar at a Bend park this weekend was unnecessary and a gross over-reaction.

Bend Police shot the cougar after it was sighted at Pilot Butte State Park Saturday. Brooks Fahey of Predator Defense in Eugene says there were other options than shooting and killing the big cat.

Predator Defense

Hunters in Eastern Oregon are having another Coyote Derby this weekend. Predator advocates say these contests highlight an outdated approach to wildlife management in Oregon.

The Harney County Coyote Classic offers prizes of guns and cash for teams of hunters who kill the most coyotes.
Brooks Fahy heads Predator Defense of Eugene.

Rachael McDonald

This month, a female cougar believed to be preying on livestock near Hendricks Park was trapped and killed by Oregon Fish & Wildlife. A second, juvenile male cougar was trapped and killed a few days later. A third young cat was captured by trail camera. Brooks Fahy is Director of Predator Defense, a national wildlife advocacy organization based out of Eugene.  He spoke with KLCC's Rachael McDonald.

JMK Coyote Hunting Contest Facebook page

Several last-minute legal challenges could not stop a coyote hunting contest from taking place this weekend in Eastern Oregon.