What Has Lane County Changed A Year After Protests For Racial Justice?

Jun 21, 2021
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Government officials and organizations across the country passed resolutions in response to Black Lives Matter protests last year. They said they would better support Black community members. However, not everyone is impressed with local efforts to help Oregonians of color.

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Four days after George Floyd’s murder last May, Lane County residents of all backgrounds took their anger and sadness to the street to fight injustice, apathy and, sometimes, their own feelings of hopelessness — and continued to do so nearly every day for weeks through a summer of action.

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Eugene’s Civilian Review Board (CRB) discussed a community impact case Tuesday involving the investigation into the Police Department’s use of force during protests in May. The board agreed with most of EPD’s adjudication.

Springfield Police Department

The City of Springfield is holding a virtual public forum Thursday evening for community members to share their experience at a Black Lives Matter protest in the Thurston neighborhood last July. The information is part of an external investigation into the city police department’s use of force during the protest.

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Springfield City Councilors were provided an update during their Monday night meeting on the investigation into the city Police Department’s use of force. The investigation is taking place after police officers were videotaped hitting Black Unity protesters in July.

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An investigation will be conducted on Springfield Police after a protest in the Thurston neighborhood led to an altercation with supporters of Black Unity last Wednesday.

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At least 100 protesters marched in solidarity with Black Unity (B.U.) in Springfield on Thursday. Marchers criticized the Springfield Police Department for hitting and dragging some protesters while making arrests at Wednesday’s B.U. protest. They also claim SPD failed to fairly police counter protesters. 

Henry Houston

A Eugene journalist is suing police for hitting him with tear gas and other non-lethal crowd control devices at a protest in late May. The suit also names the City of Eugene and some of its leaders.

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A protest in Springfield turned violent between Black Lives Matter supporters and police Wednesday night. Tensions escalated despite no prior violence or vandalism. 

Terah Stuve

Several hundred cars drove around the capitol building in Salem Monday to protest in-person classes amid Oregon’s rising Covid-19 cases. People from all over the state joined Oregon Safe Return to Schools, part of a national movement called Refuse To Return. 

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The Eugene Mayor and Police Department held a press conference Monday to address the protests on Saturday and Sunday. EPD explained why they used certain tactics, such as tear gas.

Eugene Protest Turns Into Riot Downtown

Jul 26, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

A Eugene protest Saturday saw upwards of 300 participants and attracted the attention of counter protestors and the Eugene police.

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Roughly 100 Black Unity supporters met for a protest Wednesday night outside of the Springfield Public Library. But plans changed when the group had an open dialogue with dozens of counter protesters who also showed up. 

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Last Wednesday, five people were arrested while protesting against police brutality outside of Eugene Police Department headquarters. Now, protesters are speaking out about mistreatment while in custody.

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Roughly 200 people met at North Eugene High School on Wednesday for a protest led by Black Unity. Throughout the night, protesters showed solidarity with BLM supporters in Portland.

Lane County Jail Inmates on 24th Day of Hunger Strike

Jul 15, 2020
Rachael McDonald

Wednesday marks the 24th day of a hunger strike by protestors at the Lane County Jail, and inmates say they have not yet seen any progress towards their demands which include better conditions and health care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday Night Protests in Eugene and Springfield

Jul 11, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

On Friday, Eugene and Springfield both saw protests that drew out large groups of attendees.

Nathan Bouquet

Black Unity held a protest last night starting at the Springfield Public Library and urged participants to come armed with pots, pans, and blowhorns.

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A group of at least 100 protesters gathered at Peterson Park in Eugene on Monday in remembrance of Summer Taylor, who was killed during a hit and run at a protest in Seattle over the weekend. 

Black Unity Group Leads March for Member Hit by Car

Jul 3, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Last night, Black Unity held a march to demand justice for member Isiah Wagoner, who was hit by a car last Sunday during a children's march. Wagoner, known for his community involvement and activism in the Black Lives Matter movement, is recovering at home after being released from the hospital. 

Top Left & Bottom Left Photos by Melorie Begay, Top Right and Bottom Right Photos Taken By Elizabeth Gabriel

The May 25 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody has sparked national outrage, and has reignited the Black Lives Matter Movement in towns and cities across the country. In Eugene and Springfield protesters have held marches nearly every day since May 29.

Melorie Begay/KLCC

A Black Unity activist, Isiah Wagoner, was hit by a driver with a vehicle on Sunday during a children’s protest in Eugene. He was taken by medics and treated for non-life threatening injuries at a nearby hospital. The Eugene Police Department says they've detained the suspect involved in the incident.


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Saturday evening, Black Unity supporters met in downtown Springfield to protest against police brutality. The march was in response to Friday’s events.

Transgender Group Holds Protest in Downtown Eugene

Jun 27, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Transgender advocacy group “TransPonder” held a march with about 150 people in Eugene, Saturday. The event was meant to shed a light on injustices faced by the LGBTQIA community.

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Friday evening, Black Unity supporters gathered in Springfield to spread awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. But tensions escalated between protesters and the police.

Police Chief Says EPD to Face Reform

Jun 26, 2020
Eugene Police

As a result of almost daily protests and city council meetings this past month, the Eugene Police Department is undergoing policy changes, and could face budgetary reform.


Transgender Advocacy Group to Host Civil Rights Protest

Jun 25, 2020

Local transgender advocacy group TransPonder plans a civil rights protest this Saturday in downtown Eugene. The event is designed to acknowledge injustices faced by LGBTQ and BIPOC communities.

BIPOC Protests Outside of Mayor Vinis' House

Jun 24, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

Last night, the BIPOC Liberation Collective gathered to peacefully protest Eugene city council's planned budget for the police department, which was decided upon on Monday night.

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On Saturday, at least 200 Black Unity supporters gathered in Eugene to protest against racism and police brutality. The march honored people who were killed by police officers. 

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News


On Friday, roughly one hundred people gathered outside on the sidewalk near Sizzle Pie in downtown Eugene. While there, Black Lives Matter supporters created posters for the cause.