Randy Groves

Eugene Springfield Fire Department

Eugene Springfield Fire is implementing emergency evacuation zones in case of a wildfire or other natural disaster. 

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Vehicle camping in Eugene has surged over the past year with the city receiving hundreds of complaints from community members and businesses owners. The city council will consider how to solve this problem and where to allow vehicle campers Monday night.

Program Date: Jan. 22, 2021

Air Date: Jan. 25, 2021


From the City Club of Eugene:

Newly elected Eugene City Councilors Randy Groves and Matt Keating will describe what they hope to accomplish as new members of the Council. 

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A former fire chief is announcing his bid for Eugene City Council, Ward 8. 

Angela Kellner

UPDATE: Thursday 10:00 pm 

A fast-moving fire engulfed and destroyed the Springfield Plywood and Veneer mill Thursday. No injuries were reported.

To see a video of the helicopter dropping water on the fire, visit our KLCC Facebook page.