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Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, says payments from the coronavirus stimulus package should be arriving in bank accounts by next week.

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House Democrats are working on a spending plan to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio says the bill would get as much aid to people as possible. 

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While President Trump has been taking the coronavirus pandemic more seriously recently, critics – including an Oregon Democratic Congressman - say his earlier nonchalance will cost him come Election Day. 

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After a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian general last week, Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio said the country is on the precipice of war with Iran. He is seeking to limit President Trump’s war powers.

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Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio was the only member of the state’s delegation who voted against the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico this week.

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Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio joined his Democratic colleagues in the House this week in voting in favor of the impeachment of President Donald Trump. He says his investigation into the Trump Hotel may lead to more articles of impeachment. 

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The approach of a New Year often makes us reflect on the past one. In the case of KLCC news, there were many major stories, touching on politics to disasters to the arts.  We revisit some of the sounds and voices from just some of the top local stories for 2018.

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Stricter control measures and penalties for reckless operation of pipelines are in a House bill authored by Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio.


Democratic U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon Tuesday announced he will introduce legislation to pressure Brazil to fight the wildfires burning in the Amazon rainforest and change its environmental policies.  

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Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio wants Congress to check President Trump’s actions in regard to Iran. He reintroduced his War Powers bill which clarifies that under the constitution, Congress must authorize military force. 


The House of Representatives has approved a bill (Wednesday) that would create an earthquake earthquake early warning system off the west coast.

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When the Democrats take leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives next year, Oregon’s 4th District Congressman Peter DeFazio is expected to be chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. 

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