Sanctuary State

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

About 40 people gathered Monday evening to hold a vigil to oppose an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Eugene. Participants held signs expressing concern for children who’ve been detained at the U.S. - Mexico border.  

Kathy Filip is with the Refugee Sanctuary Project of the Unitarian Universalist Church. She said community members should help asylum seekers feel comfortable in the community.

“Also, that the people are not breaking the law—these asylum seekers," said Filip. "They are not breaking the law and we need to help them any way we can.” 

Recorded On: September 14, 2018

Air Date: September 17, 2018

For over thirty years Oregon law has prohibited the use of state and local resources to enforce Federal Immigration law if a person’s only crime is being in the country illegally. The original bill passed the Oregon House by a vote of 58 to 1 and the Senate by 29-1 in 1987 and was signed by Governor Neil Goldschmidt.