Singled Out

Lauren Ibanez

Thank you to our panelists, and to everyone who participated in our public forum. You can view the program on demand here. 


KLCC has rescheduled its virtual forum on racism in Oregon schools, which will be held Thursday, October 1 from 6-7:30pm. 

Community members will be able to listen and ask questions about school racism. 

Denise Silfee


Studies show that students of color—as well as white students—benefit from having instructors of color. Diversity among Oregon teachers has  increased over the decades, but there’s still a need for ethnically diverse faculty.

Denise Silfee

The pressures of assignments, puberty—plus juggling extracurriculars, and home life—can make it hard to be a kid in school. And even more so if you’re a student of color. Here’s why inclusive curriculums are essential for student learning environments.