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Police presence was stepped up at South Eugene High School today, following a potential threat that a student received. After some investigation, the social media message turned out to be what authorities call “a misguided attempt at humor”.

This week, the Springfield community marked the 20th anniversary of the Thurston School Shooting.  The tragedy preceded many technological developments, including smart phones and social media.

Instagram Fuels Social Movement

Mar 19, 2015
Emily Greene

The Instagram community is vast and curious about its own members. So much so there are now worldwide Instameets - where so called ‘grammers’ head out to play. KLCC’s Emily Greene caught up with some folks at a local Instameet at Abiqua Falls in Silverton, Oregon.

The next Instameet is Saturday, March 21, at the Portland Rose Gardens starting at 4 p.m.

Police Use Social Media To Try And Stop Party

Apr 12, 2014
Marion County Sheriff's Department

The Marion County Sheriff's Department tapped into social media to extinguish a party before it started. Early Friday, the sheriff's office says it began receiving tips from community partners about a large party set to take place somewhere in Marion County. Police say the party was organized via Twitter using the trend #Project NAT. The Sheriff's office tried to prevent the party from happening by broadcasting information and contacting the organizer. Around 9:30 PM, police located the party near Packsaddle Park with a stage, bonfire, and alcoholic beverages.