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An affordable housing project was unveiled in Springfield, Wednesday. The “C-Street Co-op” is the first of its kind in Oregon that allows low-income households a form of homeownership.

Barbara Dellenback speaks with Springfield Interim Planning Manager Sandy Belson about housing solutions. They discuss the rising cost of housing, legislation aimed at creative affordable housing, and efforts to make sure everyone has shelter.

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Someone has been putting up what look like historical plaques around the city of Springfield. But they aren’t official, and tell some pretty exaggerated tales of some of the early residents of the community. 

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Springfield Mayor Sean Van Gordon delivered a virtual state of the city address Wednesday. He was joined by other community members in describing the challenges of the year 2020.

Cascadia Wildlands

A conservation group is taking legal action against the Bureau of Land Management for its proposed logging in Thurston Hills near Springfield.

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The Eugene-Springfield NAACP branch unveiled two community support projects at Our Reedemer Lutheran Church Monday morning.

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St. Alice Catholic Church in Springfield started planning last summer to turn its warming kitchen into a commercial one. While the coronavirus hasn’t changed the project’s scope, it may shift the use.

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Governor Kate Brown has placed new restrictions on gyms and fitness centers effective Friday. Masks are required to be worn at all times, even during exercise that is deemed “strenuous.”

Bureau of Land Management

After two months of deliberation, the Bureau of Land Management decided to move forward with its Thurston Hills regenerative harvest plan.

Friday Night Protests in Eugene and Springfield

Jul 11, 2020
Nathan Bouquet

On Friday, Eugene and Springfield both saw protests that drew out large groups of attendees.

Nathan Bouquet

Black Unity held a protest last night starting at the Springfield Public Library and urged participants to come armed with pots, pans, and blowhorns.

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Local conservation group Cascadia Wildlands hosted an online forum Tuesday for community members to express their concerns about logging on land adjacent to Springfield.

City of Springfield

Springfield has chosen a new City Manager. Nancy Newton was extended an offer this week. She’s currently the Assistant Executive for Sacramento County in California. 

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A retired University or Oregon administrator has filed to run for Mayor of Springfield in the May 2020 primary.

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Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg faced a standing room crowd last night (Monday) to present the 2020 State of the City Address. While she lauded the success of multiple city projects, departments and partners in 2019--the mayor’s message had a strong focus on the future.

Springfield's Dorris Ranch to be Updated by Willamalane

Jul 24, 2019

Springfield’s historic Dorris ranch will see renovation efforts by Willamalane funded by a $20 million bond measure passed in 2012. The public park is set on a working orchard within city limits and is a point of pride for Springfield residents.

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At her State of the City address Thursday evening, Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg emphasized the city’s desire to maintain a hometown feel, but welcome new businesses and residents.


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A group of people from Weed, California protested in front of Roseburg Forest Products headquarters in Springfield Tuesday. They’re asking the company to drop a lawsuit against them and not sell their water rights. 

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A groundbreaking spacecraft has also just broken a record.  NASA says the Parker Solar Probe is “alive and well” after skirting by the sun at a distance of 15 million miles…closer than any other craft, including Helios B in 1976.

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The Springfield City Council unanimously voted Monday night to abandon its contract to rent municipal county jail beds to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. KLCC's Alec Cowan reports.

Springfield Police Investigating Potential Hate Crime

Apr 10, 2018
Springfield Police Department

The Springfield Police Department is investigating a potential hate crime. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson reports.

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Following an oil spill, people are warned to avoid an 8-mile stretch of the McKenzie River -from Springfield’s Hayden Bridge to Eugene’s Armitage Park- until further notice. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

City of Springfield

Springfield voters are considering whether to renew a public safety levy in the November 7th special election. The levy was originally approved by voters in 2006 and it funds the city’s jail.

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The fitness industry has a history of reinventing itself. Jazzercise was all the rage in the 1980s. In the 2000s, CrossFit became mainstream. One current trend is toward more targeted workouts. Here we check in with three specialized gyms opening or expanding in the Eugene / Springfield area.

Ten years ago, Mason Williams was the featured performer for the first event at the Wildish Theater in Springfield. Now he returns as a guest at the theater’s 10th anniversary gala on Saturday, May 20th. He speaks with KLCC’s Eric Alan about his career, including the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, his instrumental hit “Classical Gas,” his art projects and a new movie he’s in with Tom Hanks and others. 

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Downtown Springfield is highlighting its business scene tomorrow.  The third annual “First Day of Springfield” event will benefit not only a non-profit group, but local shop owners.   KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.  

Shoppes At Gateway Facebook page.

Real estate and investment firm JLL is announcing the sale of the Shoppes at Gateway in Springfield. 

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In 2008, KLCC’s Angela Kellner reported on efforts to revitalize downtown Springfield. Business owners cited crime, parking and lighting as a few of the challenges impeding their success. Nine years later, Kellner follows up on efforts to fix those problems. 

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In Springfield faith and service organizations continue to help homeless folks find shelter and get in to housing. They also help low income people pay rent. There’s little to no emergency shelter available in the city, and thousands of names are on the wait list for subsidized housing.

Tiffany Eckert

KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert speaks to Sunshine Kesey, daughter of Ken Kesey, about their family life, Kesey’s wrestling start at Springfield High School and his indelible mark on a generation.