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Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there’s been an increase in hate crimes nationally. The public has been shocked by incidents including the killings of 11 Jewish worshipers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh and most recently 22 mostly Latino people at a Walmart in El Paso. But subtler messages have also contributed to the climate of hate. KLCC’s Melorie Begay takes a look at one incident that happened earlier this summer in Eugene.

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Police continue to investigate hate speech graffiti painted on private and public spaces in Eugene earlier this week. The city encourages anyone with information or suspicion-- to take it to E.P.D.-- not social media.

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Multiple swastikas were painted on sidewalks, benches, poles-- and one downtown Eugene business, Wednesday morning. The Eugene Police Department is currently investigating the rash of hate-speech graffiti. 

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A city official is responding to an FBI report showing Eugene has the highest number of hate crimes in Oregon. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

Junction City Police

Junction City police are asking for leads on who sprayed racist graffiti on a local residence.

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The City of Eugene released its sixth annual Hate and Bias Crime report this weekend. It showed a near-70 percent increase in reported incidents. KLCC’s Brian Bull shares responses from representatives of the two most targeted communities.

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Eugene police have announced a fourth case of swastika graffiti in the city.  And they say a white supremacist flyer was posted near a home displaying a Jewish symbol.   KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Photo submitted by Reverend Adam Briddell.

A third case of swastika graffiti has been reported in Eugene.  Police say the latest target was a church.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.