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Lillian Pitt is a Pacific Northwest Native American artist whose ancestors lived in and near the Columbia River Gorge. The focus of her work is on creating contemporary fine art pieces that delight today’s art lovers, and at the same time, honor the histo
Portrait of the Artist by Sandy Brown Jensen

You’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. Lillian Pitt is a well-known Native American artist who has a show, “Gifts of My Ancestors” currently at the White Lotus Gallery. Viz City asked her about where she finds the soul of her art.

Works by Jamie Newton currently showing in Eugene.
By permission of The White Lotus Gallery and Jamie Newton

White Lotus Gallery

Exhibition Dates: June 7- July 13, 2019

Today Viz City talks with artist Jamie Newton. You have until July 13 to check out his remarkable show at The White Lotus Gallery.

Photographer Gary Tepfer adds his vision to the current White Lotus exhibit titled "Water"
Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City was privileged to interview photographer Gary Tepfer on Saturday, April 27, 2019 for a broadcast date of Wed. May 1, 2019.

White Lotus Gallery http://www.wlotus.com/current-exhibition/

Exhibition Dates: April 25 – June 1

Leonardo da Vinci called water “the driving force of all nature.” Local photographer Gary Tepfer is among the artists included in the current “Water” exhibition at the White Lotus Gallery.

Artist Lynda Lanker in her home studio in Eugene, Oregon
Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City was privileged to interview artist Lynda Lanker in connection with her current participation with the show at the White Lotus Gallery: She Flies With Her Own Wings: Celebrating Female Artistry

Exhibition Dates: March 2 – April 13

  Welcome to VizCity, KLCC's visual arts program, I'm Terry Way. The White Lotus Gallery here in Eugene is currently exhibiting a show called “Legacy Metalwork” by long time University of Oregon Professor Max Nixon who died 18 years ago. In this wonderful retrospective you can see the diverse imagination and technical skill that Max possessed. I had the good fortune of studying under Max Nixon's always encouraging presence in the late 1980”s.


Painter Satoko Matouji with one of her paintings for the Eugene ballet's performance of Peer Gynt.
Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City was pleased to interview painter Satoko Motouji on Thursday. April 5, 2018 for a broadcast date of Wed. April 18, 2018. The show is at the White Lotus Gallery and is called "Peer Gynt: Paintings by Satoko Motouji." The exhibition dates are March 28 – May 12, 2018.

Painter Jon Jay Cruson
Sandy Brown Jensen


Show: Viz City

Subject: Jon Jay Cruzon His website: https://jonjaycruson.weebly.com

Date of Interview: Oct. 31, 2017

Date of Broadcast: Wed. Nov. 8, 2017

Script: Sandy Brown Jensen

Sound: Terry Way

RE: White Lotus Gallery, “Interpretation of the Landscape: Paintings by Jon Jay Cruson”

Show Dates: October 14th – November 28th

Katsunori Hamanishi
Sandy Brown Jensen

  Mezzotint is one of the most difficult print forms in the world, and the White Lotus Gallery is hosting one of its masters at this month, Mr. Hamanishi from Tokyo, Japan.

Prentice, White Lotus, Reflections, Wetlands, oil, artist interviews
Sandy Brown Jensen

                                    Show: Viz City

Subject: Margaret Prentice and “Wetlands”

Artist Margaret Prentice had both the form and content of her art change during a bout with cancer, as reflected in her new exhibition at White Lotus Gallery, Storm Clouds and Wetlands. She speaks with Eric Alan about transformation, the joy of a million colors, and simplifying in later life.