Donating Stock

Making a gift of stock to KLCC can be a rewarding way to support your public radio station!  The KLCC Public Radio Foundation (tax id number  81-3487391) accepts stocks. For specific ways that donating appreicated stock may prove beneficial to you due to tax laws,  contact your attorney or financial advisor.
To make a gift of stock to KLCC, please provide your financial advisor with the information below. 
KLCC Public Radio Foundation Broker Information:
TD Ameritrade Institutional 
Account Title: KLCC Public Radio Foundation
Account # 941605393
DTC # 0188
It is greatly helpful if you also let us know
  1. The number of stock, 
  2. The name of the stock you will be donating and
  3. The approximate date the transaction will be made.  
This allows us to carefully track your gift. A simple email or call works great to Ronnel Curry @ or call 541-463-6005. 
For immediate assistance and/or additional information, please contact Ronnel Curry, Director of Philanthropy at 541-4763-6005 or