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KLCC Milestones

1966 Original Construction Permit submitted by Lane Community College on August 2. 

1967 KLCC goes on the air (as KPNW) at 440 watts of power on February 17, broadcasting from 200 N. Monroe Street in Eugene.

1968 Applied to the FCC on January 29 to broadcast in stereo. Transmitter moved to current position at Blanton Heights on September 20. Station is moved to Lane Community College main campus.  Interesting read on the Early Days of KLCC by R. Hoaglum.

1971 National Public Radio affiliation. All Things Considered goes on the air.

1974 KLCC studios and offices moved to Forum Building on LCC main campus. Michael Canning begins volunteering as host of Jazz 120.

1975 First on-air Radiothon raises $10,000 to increase power to 10,000 watts -- "Buck a Watt!" Carl Woideck and Jeffrey Ogburn begin as music volunteers.

1976 Mass firing of most employees at that time.

1977 KLCC becomes independent department of LCC. Steve Barton hired as assistant engineer, becomes chief engineer in 1978 and General Manager in 1987. Don Hein hired as News & Public Affairs Director, becomes Program Director in 1988. Rooster begins as volunteer host of Blues Power. Howie Leff begins hosting From the Leffside, popular folk program which ran for 7 years.

1978 - Consortium for Public Radio in Oregon (CPRO) created. Howard Berkes begins volunteering in News Department.

1979 John Hockenberry & John Cooney begin as news volunteers. Greg Daugherty begins as volunteer jazz host.

1980 Radiothon raises $18,000. Paula Chan hired as Development Director. KLCC's Howard Berkes covers Mt. St. Helens eruption for NPR.  John Cooney begins hosting This Sunday Morning.

1981 Increased power to 30,000 watts. Florence, Cottage Grove, and Oakridge translators on the air. NPR's Morning Edition on air one hour a day. Jon Schwartz becomes Station Manager. Kris Lindstrom Fox hired as Continuity Director. Enid Lefton begins hosting Women's Music. Tripp Sommer, Alan Siporin, John Glassburner and Greg Black begin as volunteers.

1982 Prairie Home Companion on KLCC. Alan Siporin begins hosting Blue Plate Special and reporting for NPR.

1983 Bend translator on the air. Liz Wise hired as music host. Gary Trendler, Larry Koenigsberg, Steve Katz, Santos Narvaez, Armando Morales, and Mary O'Connor begin as music volunteers. Peter Wotton begins as volunteer. Barbara Dellenback begins as news volunteer, eventually becoming Morning Edition host and Weekend Edition host.

1984 NPR's Morning Edition replaces Morning Classics. Increased power to 86,000 watts. First Prairie Home Companion "Ice Cream Social and Powdermilk Biscuit Bake-Off." Michael Canning hired as Music Director. Frank Cataldo and Frank Nearing begin as volunteers. Volunteer Andrew Rosenthal leaves KLCC after ten productive years. John Cooney creates and hosts Straight Street.

1985 Newport/Depoe Bay translator on the air. KLCC listeners fund Alan Siporin's trip to Nicaragua to cover war. First live broadcast of the Eugene Celebration 5th Avenue Stage. KLCC's first entry in Eugene Celebration Parade as "Marching Radio Band." Northwest Passage created with host Don Hein. Ethel Weltman begins as volunteer. CPRO begins providing member stations with reports from the Oregon Legislature.

1986 Tripp Sommer hired as Morning Edition host. Gayle Chisholm hired as Marketing Director.

1987 Roseburg translator on the air. KLCC celebrates 20 years on air with party at Hult Center. Steve Barton becomes General Manager. Kris Fox becomes Membership Director. Pete LaVelle begins hosting Back Porch. Leslie Hildreth begins as news volunteer and co-host of Northwest Passage. Rooster begins hosting Tropical Beat.

1988 "October Surprise" Radiothon. Tripp Sommer becomes News Director and host of Northwest Passage. Don Hein becomes Program Director. Jenny Newtson hired as Morning Edition host. John Bredesen hired as Chief Engineer. Lynne Phillips hired as Office Manager. Cina Kraft begins as host of Heartwood Hotel. Carolyn Spector begins volunteering as Book Reviewer.

1989 KLCC's innovative daytime music format, Fresh Tracks, begins with hosts Michael Canning and Liz Wise. Sisters translator on the air. Fall Radiothon raises $70,000. Garrison Keillor reads from his new book for KLCC listeners at Lane Community College. Blue Plate Special ends. Live Wire call-in show on air with host Alan Siporin. Car Talk added to schedule.

1990 Power changed to 81,000 watts on new tower. KLCO 90.5 FM goes on the air in Newport, September 13. Reedsport translator on the air in November. First live broadcast of Willamette Valley Folk Festival from the U of O. "Prejudice Puzzle" brings opinions of local youth to the air. Luther Pierson begins volunteering. Leslie Hildreth begins hosting Mist Covered Mountain. Frank Gosar begins hosting Saturday Cafe. Kent Willocks begins hosting New Dreamers.

1991 Audience grows to 50,000+ listeners each week. Spring Radiothon goal $83,500 with $2500 for NPR Gulf War coverage. "Giant Music Sale" nets $10,000. Women's Music 10th anniversary party. Pacifica News and BBC added to schedule for "More news, more views." Garrison Keillor is dropped from schedule. Angela Kellner begins as music volunteer. Downtown Deb brings Dead Air to KLCC. 

1992 KLCC celebrates 25 years on February 17 with party at Hult Center. First Oregon Country Fair live broadcast. Fall Radiothon raises $100,000. "Treasures & Tunes" silent auction and music sale raises $5000. Car Talk is dropped from schedule. Kobi Lucas begins hosting Friends & Neighbors. David Joyce & Lotte Streisinger begin hosting Visible City.


Robin & Linda Williams perform benefit concert for KLCC. Live broadcast of two Grateful Dead concerts at Autzen Stadium. KLCC presents Ken Kesey's "Twister" at LCC Theatre. KLCC staff visits listeners in Bend. Alan Siporin begins hosting Critical Mass and becomes KLCC commentator. Steve Helwig begins as news volunteer.

1994 $230,000 raised on air from listeners during fiscal year. First annual KLCC In Bloom: Tour of Gardens. KLCC organizes and participates in first "Citizens Agenda." News Department creates Special Issues Unit. Carl Woideck begins hosting Soul of Jazz. Chris Owen begins hosting New Dreamers. Charlie Parker begins hosting Night Jazz.  KLCC builds a new booth at Oregon Country Fair and begins broadcasting from the round section fondly referred to as the "KLCC Hot Tub."

1995 NPR's All Things Considered expands to two hours. Pacifica News dropped. "Coming of Age" writing contest for local teens. Rooster begins hosting Fresh Tracks. Second Garden Tour showcases "Six Gardens and a Cemetery" in June. Naseem Rakha begins providing Capitol coverage for CPRO and KLCC.

1996 $250,000 raised from listeners during fiscal year. KLCC Web Site created by Andre Chinn. "Gardens for all Reasons" toured in June. Nancy Solomon and Morgan Smith begin hosting Weekend Edition. Angela Kellner takes over as host of Tropical Beat. Monika Hausmann begins as news volunteer. Bing Bingham begins as Central Oregon correspondent. Peter Wotton delivers his last Elderberry Wine posthumously.

1997 KLCC turns 30

with celebration at the Downtown Athletic Club on February 15, followed by party at the Wild Duck celebrating Rooster's 20 years of Blues Power. Spring Radiothon sets record as shortest ever, reaching $125,000 goal in only 6 days and 4 hours. Community Premiums offered only to Thon Busters, raising a record $76,000 before Radiothon begins. This American Life with Ira Glass added to schedule. "Gardens of the Neighborhood" 4th annual Garden Tour is huge success. KLCC staff and listeners carry the Eugene Celebration Giant Slug in the Parade: "Slime Over Chatter."


By popular demand, Car Talk returns to KLCC. The KLCC staff parties with Corvallis listeners at "Fox & Firkin," and Roseburg listeners at "Umpqua Brewing Co." Fifth annual Garden Tour provides "Joy in the Garden." Hal Hermanson and Shirley Valentine hired as Development Associates. John Glassburner launches a successful quest to have "Aretha" added to Microsoft Word spell check.  Mark Immel begins as Oregon Coast correspondent. Enid Lefton leaves Women's Music after 17 years. Fall Radiothon reaches highest goal in fewest days: $150,000 raised with only 7 days of on-air fundraising, thanks to over 1000 Thon Busters who contributed early. KLCC News Department wins national awards from PRNDI. Matt Nelkin changes Black Is to Liquid Beat. Adrienne Colaizzi is hired as KLCC Traffic Coordinator and Office Manager.

1999 KLCC's "Cool Rhythms" music event at the Wild Duck in February brightens the winter. Sixth annual Garden Tour, "Twelve Garden Treasures," a great success. KLCC News Department wins 11 national awards at the 1999 PRNDI Conference in July. Monika Hausmann and Claude Offenbacher begin hosting Weekend Edition. Morgan Smith begins hosting All Things Considered. Angela Kellner begins as news volunteer. Nikki Breece takes over Women's Music. John Cooney creates and hosts Natural World. Long time Blues Power and Fresh Tracks host Gavin "Rooster" Fox is diagnosed with Lou Gherig's disease (ALS) and leaves the airwaves in April after 22 years. Friends and family take loving care of him until his death on September 5. Fresh Air with Terry Gross is added to schedule. KLFO 88.1 FM on the air in Florence. Over $175,000 is raised in 7 days of Fall Radiothon without offering Community Premiums, concluding with record-breaking $35,000 day. KLCC goes 24 hours with Jazz Overnight.

2000 Tom Krumm becomes morning host of Fresh Tracks. The Front Porch, Americana music program with host Dan Plaster, debuts on Saturday nights. Carl Stoltz is named new host of Blues Power. Seventh annual Garden Tour displays "Town and Country" gardens. New KLCC web site launched in August, created by Net Solutions. Gayle Chisholm moves into webmaster role. KLCC marches in Eugene Celebration Parade with giant "listener supported" radio. Annual live broadcasts of Eugene Celebration, Oregon Country Fair, and Willamette Valley Folk Festival continue. Terry Way joins Lotte Streisinger as host of Visible City. Fall Radiothon brings in $195,000 in a record six and a half days. KLCC and NPR provide extended coverage of the Bush/Gore presidential election events. Chris Heck hired as Chief Engineer.

2001 - Audience grows to 70,000+ listeners per week. Spring Thon Busters raise $100,000 towards Radiothon's $200,000 goal. Cyber Day reveals secret ingredients to Tripp Sommer's BBQ Sauce. KLFR 89.1 FM goes on the air in Reedsport February 26. Riddle translator on the air in June. This American Life dropped from the schedule for a second airing of Car Talk. KLCC live broadcast RV gets a facelift in time for summer events. Ethel Weltman moves from host of Night Jazz to Jazz Inside Out. Tropical Beat expands to two and a half hours. Sallie Holloman is hired as KLCC Traffic Coordinator and Office Manager. David Gizara becomes host of Night Jazz. Carolyn Spector, KLCC Book Reviewer for 12 years and more than 300 books, passes away in August. KLCC and NPR provide round the clock coverage after World Trade Center and Pentagon are attacked by terrorists on September 11.

2002 - KLCC celebrates 35th anniversary at the Hult Center on February 21. KLCC hosts its first Microbrew Festival at the Fairgrounds in March, with 30 brewers and live music. Ninth Garden Tour is a tremendous success on a beautiful day. Significant supporters Howard Berkes, Mike Rose & Nancy Oft Rose, and Frank Nearing are honored at the KLCC Circle of Friends BBQ in August. KLCC raises $235,000 during Fall Radiothon, with more than 500 listeners calling during the final 4 hours. Mike Zibelman takes over as host of JazzSunday afternoons. Angela Kellner begins as local host of All Things Considered. Dan Plaster's Front Porch moves to Sunday afternoons. Rachael McDonald begins hosting Weekend Edition. Joe B. begins hosting Air Jamaica.

2003 - KLCC shows innovative "1 Giant Leap" film at the McDonald Theater to enthusiastic audience. KLCC Microbrew Festival takes place in March with 40 brewers from all over the West. Tenth Annual Garden Tour -- Ten Exquisite Gardens -- held in the College Hill and Fairmount Neighborhoods. KLCC's Northwest Passage wins First Place Award from PRNDI for Best News/Public Affairs program. Hannif Panni begins hosting Liquid Beat as Matt Nelkin moves on. Adrienne Wilson begins reporting from Salem as Capitol Correspondent. Morning Edition host Jenny Newtson leaves KLCC in August after 15 years. Critical Mass host Alan Siporin leaves KLCC in September after 22 years. Farewell parties are held for both, attended by many appreciative listeners who will miss these KLCC icons. Eugene artist, former host of Visible City, and long-time friend of KLCC David Joyce dies on December 3.  Over $250,000 raised during Fall Radiothon from more than 3500 listeners. KLCC in Bend moves to 88.1 FM in October. NPR receives $200 million bequest from philanthropist Joan B. Kroc in November.

2004 - KLCC Microbrew Festival raises over $45,000 in February, offering a Mega Music Sale, 30 brewers, two great bands, and John Glassburner's "Micro-Blues." Spring Radiothon ends with record $58,000 day, raising a total of $251, 205 -- just shy of the $255,000 goal. Eleventh annual Garden Tour -- Personal Palettes -- takes place in 2 historic Eugene neighborhoods. KLCC hires Ann Dornfeld in May as new local host of Morning Edition. Front Porch moves to Sunday afternoons, and Native American program Earthsongs joins the schedule on Saturday evenings. Reggae volunteer Joe B., a.k.a. Banghi, leaves Air Jamaica after 2 years. Sean Bowditch begins hosting All Things Considered as Angela Kellner goes on maternity leave. KLCC transitions from printed to electronic Program Guides. Fall Radiothon reaches goal of $260,000, with $132,000 coming from Thon Busters. KLCC provides live broadcasts of UO's Willamette Valley Folk Festival, Oregon Country Fair, OFAM opening night, Eugene Celebration, and Presidential Debates between George W. Bush and John Kerry. New station KMPQ 88.1 FM goes on the air in Roseburg.

2005 - The Capital Campaign to move KLCC downtown kicks into high gear. February Microbrew Festival / Music Sale is a huge success. www.klcc.org wins Best Website award from Associated Press, competing against all radio stations in Oregon. Nikki Breece retires from Women's Music, Nanci Lavelle takes over and renames the show Sisters. Angela Kellner retires from Tropical Beat. Matt Nelkin returns to Liquid Beat. Tim Taylor begins hosting Air Jamaica. Doug Anders begins volunteering as jazz host. Heather Meldrum & Nicole Matthys join the KLCC news crew. KLBR 88.1 FM in Bend goes on the air in October with 5000 watts of power, bringing better service to Bend, Redmond, Sisters and Sunriver. History of KLCC in Central Oregon.

2006 - The KLCC Capital Campaign begins the year with 60% of the funds in the bank. The new building is officially purchased in January and fundraising continues, with plans to move downtown at the end of the year. KLCC Microbrew Festival profits more than $50,000 in February. Nicole Matthys joins Claude Offenbacher as host of Sunday at Noon. Andy Small becomes host of Tropical Beat. Steve Helwig takes over as host of Straight Street. KLCC Staff and Volunteer gather at the new building for a group photo in September.


KLCC Microbrew Festival profits a record $69,000 in February. Spring Radiothon makes goal of $280,000 with 2 minutes to spare.  New KLCC website is launched on April 16, via Project A.  New KLCC logo debuts in the spring. KLCC Garden Tour takes place on College Hill in June.  Ann Dornfield leaves Morning Edition in July and Rachael McDonald begins hosting in November. Tiffany Eckert begins volunteering in the Newsroom in August. Doug Anders begins hosting new show Continental Drift, replacing Air Jamaica on Friday nights. KLCC News provides weeklong Special Issues series on Mental Health and The Road to Eugene '08Olympic Trials.

2008 - KLCC moves to its new home in downtown Eugene on January 4th!  After nearly 41 years on the Lane Community College Campus, KLCC moved to 136 W 8th in downtown Eugene.  Funding for the purchase and remodeling of the station’s new home came primarily from private donations to KLCC’s $2.45 million Building Community Campaign. Many performers and news figures visit KLCC at its new, easily accessible location.  KLCC Microbrew Festival hosts 50 breweries and raises over $66,000.  A record $290,180 was raised during Fall Radiothon, as KLCC surpassed its Fall goal with 5 minutes to spare. KLCC reporters cover Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's visit to Eugene in May.  KLCC News Team produces weeklong Special Issues series on Downtowns and the Economy.  Tiffany Eckert becomes Newsroom reporter.  General Manager Steve Barton retires from full-time duties after 32 years at KLCC.  KLCC hosts and listeners compile a list of Best Music of 2008.

2009 - The KLCC Microbrew Festival kicks off the year with over 3,000 guests tasting more than 100 brews.  Spring Radiothon reaches 92% of its goal during the worst economy seen in years.  

StoryCorps comes to Eugene for the month of May!  KLCC News Team produces weeklong Special Issues series on Telling the Story of..., inspired by StoryCorps' visit.  KLCC Garden Tour returns after a one year sabbatical.  Dead Air celebrates Jerry Garcia's birthday with "Jerry Day" at WOW Hall.  KLCC staff enters the Eugene Celebration parade after a many year hiatus. Fall Radiothon raises $283,000 and uses web-based tally book for the first time, doing away with paper and pencil.  KLCC joins Facebook, and NPR launches an app that brings KLCC's live stream to the iPhone.  Fresh Tracks celebrates 20 years of keeping it fresh with a party at the Vets Club in November, with Keith Greeninger & friends performing.  KLCC begins broadcasting in HD in Eugene, Newport, Florence, Reedsport and Roseburg. KLCC Retrospect Video created by PushPlay Productions.

2010 - LeRoy Bell and Ty Curtis rocked the house at the KLCC Microbrew Festival in February while 4000+ guests sampled brews from 50 breweries.  KJ McCleary begins hosting Mist Covered Mountain in May, after long-time host Leslie Hildreth retires.  NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard meets with KLCC staff and listeners in June.  KLCC News wins 17 awards from OAPBA and 5 awards from PRNDI.  Garden Tour is held on Lane Community College campus and nearby neighborhood. Food for Thought, a new call-in show hosted by Ryan Dawe-Stotz and Boris Wiedenfeld, is added to the Sunday lineup.  An iPad is given away during the final Cyber Day of the year in December.

2011 - KLCC launches iPhone Appin January! The KLCC Microbrew Festival was the biggest and best yet, with Ty Curtis and Jacob Merlin bringing almost 5000 beer and music lovers to the Fest.  KLCC wins 22 awards from Associated Press. Spring Radiothon goal of $285,000 was met a half hour before the end of Radiothon! KLCC App becomes available for Android and iPad.  Long time music hosts Tom Krumm, Ethel Weltman, and Kent Willocks move on from KLCC. 

Credit Gayle Chisholm
KLCC & WOW Hall Booth at OCF

The WOW Hall, KLCC and Rainbow Valley Design & Construction collaborate to build a NEW BOOTH at the Oregon Country Fair.  Programming Changes: New weekday format introduced in October, including additional NPR programming and expanded local and regional coverage.  Long time favorites Fresh Tracks and Northwest Passage come to the end of their runs. New music show Living Large is introduced, with host Eric Alan. News at Noon is added to the schedule with hosts Tripp Sommer & Tiffany Eckert. Programming changes began during the week of Fall Radiothon, with listeners voicing dissent or support via emails, phone calls and Facebook.  Long time Development Director Paula Chan Carpenter retires.  Cheryl Crumbley is hired as new Development Director.

2012 KLCC Microbrew Festival surpasses all records in attendance and fundraising, selling advance tickets and opening on Saturday afternoon for the first time.  Ty Curtis and Karen Lovely rocked the house to over 7,000 beer lovers.  Spring Radiothon raises $262,835, falling $22,165 short of the goal. Wienermobile comes to KLCC. Summer includes live broadcasts of Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Celebration, and OFAM opening night gala. Fall Radiothon surpasses $285,000 goal, followed by Radiothon After Party at Cozmic. KLCC Members and Staff mingle and celebrate.  Radiolab is added to the Thursday evening lineup. First ever December Mini-Thon raises over $68,000. 

2013 - John Stark becomes new KLCC General Manager in January.  KLCC Microbrew Festival attracts 7400 beer enthusiasts. Sol Seed and Sallie Ford entertained the crowd, and Emerald Photo Booth captured the fun.  New KLCC black hoodie introduced as fashion statement and pledge incentive. Living Large and News at Noon conclude their runs on June 28. New daytime line up debuts July 1, introducing Here and Now, The Takeaway, The World and Q to KLCC listeners.  KLCC launches new website on October 26 -- the all new klcc.org is part of the NPR Digital Network. 

2014 - KLCC's "Snowpocalypse" Microbrew Festival is curtailed by the worst snow/ice storm in ages.  A small but enthusiastic crowd bussed, skied and sledded to the Festival.  Spring Radiothon reaches 92% of its goal in April. KLCC brings NPR's Howard Berkes to Eugene to speak to listeners and UO educators.  December mini-thon includes record day partnering with Food For Lane County.  Committee formed to create Strategic Plan for the future of KLCC.

2015 - KLCC Microbrew Festival is largest and most successful yet!  New "responsive design" version of klcc.org is launched in March.  KLCC completes Fall Radiothon in just 4 hours, thanks to historic Stealth Drive! NPR President Jarl Mohn visits KLCC in October, speaks to staff and donors about NPR.

2016 - Reveal is added to the schedule in place of Alternative Radio.  15th KLCC Microbrew Festival serves over 50,000 craft beers.  Long time Music Director Michael Canning retires.  NPR's Claudio Sanchez visits Eugene.  Second Stealth Drive is a success.  KLCC Community Support Board is formed. Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics funds year long series on Education. Angela Kellner wins Murrow Award.  OPB's Think Out Loud begins airing on KLCC.  Brian Bull hired as news reporter.  Snowden Intern Kira Hoffelmeyer enhances KLCC's social media presence. KLCC converts a donated RV into a new mobile studio.  NPR's Tom Bowman comes to Eugene and gives Pentagon briefing to KLCC listeners.  KLCC and NPR keep listeners informed throughout Presidential election year.     

2017 - KLCC's 50th Anniversary year!  

KLCC Brewfest kicks off the celebration with 87 Breweries, 200 beers, 6740 attendees, and a 50th Anniversary Collaboration Brew.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIg55VfbJVs">KLCC 50th Anniversary Motion Graphic depicts 50 years in 2.5 minutes.  NPR Ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen visits KLCC.  Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics funds year long series on Immigration. KLCC News presents 50th Anniverary Road Tripseries, visiting KLCC communities throughout Oregon including Springfield in February and Newport in April.  John Hockenberry, host of The Takeaway and former KLCC volunteer, visits KLCC in May and speaks at the LCC Performance Hall.  Beloved former KLCC Music Director Michael Canning dies in May. Three long-time KLCC staffers retire in June: Program Director Don Hein (40 yrs), News Director Tripp Sommer (36 yrs), and Development Director Cheryl Crumbley (6 yrs)! Director of Philanthropy Ronnel Curry and Program Director Terry Gildea are hired.  Lane Community College suspends $200,000 annual support of KLCC.

2018 - Smart Speakers become popular new way to "Play KLCC."  KLCC Brewfest succeeds with 82 breweries, Tour of the World Collaboration Brew, and DJ Dance Party!  Spring Stealth Drive concludes with 3 days of on air drive.  KLCC begins offering Music Programs On Demand. NPR's Tom Goldman and Jane Greenhalgh speak to KLCC donors at May event. Rachael McDonald is named KLCC News Director in June.  Terry Gildea leaves KLCC to become PRNDI Executive Director in June. Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics funds year long series on Native American issues.  Reporter Brian Bull wins Edward R Murrow Award and Native American Journlists Association Award.  History of KLCC at Oregon Country Fair kicks off 50 Years of Fair Memories in Fair Family News. General Manager John Stark retires. Fall Stealth Drive concludes with only 10 hours of on air drive.  KLCC Public Radio Foundation hires Melorie Begay as first Diversity Fellow for KLCC News.    

2019 - Jason Brown hired as KLCC Program Director. KLCC Brewfest hosts 90 breweries; local brewers create Vinyl Tap beers inspired by music.  News Department presents Native Voices in partnership with Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, and hosts a community conversation on native issues.  KLCC hosts Ladies Let's Talk featuring author Brigid Schulte, while spouse Tom Bowman spoke on Pentagon issues at UO. KLCC Hosts First Friday Art Walk in April. Jim Rondeau begins as new KLCC General Manager in June.  KLCC wins its first-ever national Edward R. Murrow Award, won by reporter Brian Bull for the Excellence in Writing category.  KLCC broadcasts Oregon Country Fair, celebrating their 50th year.  Marketing Director/Webmaster/Brewfest Coordinator Gayle Chisholm retires in July after 33 years.