KLCC Public Radio Foundation

The KLCC Public Radio Foundation's mission is to build support for KLCC as a strong and valuable resource for our community.  Give a donation today! Or, send your gift to KLCC Public Radio Foundation, 136 W. 8th Ave., Eugene OR 97401.The KLCC Public Radio Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, tax identification number is 81-3487391

If you are considering making a special year-end gift for 2020, the CARES Act may offer you special tax advantages for charitable giving this year. Contact your tax advisor for details. 

The KLCC Public Radio Foundation accepts one-time gift donations, monthly donations through credit cards and electronic bank transfers, stocks, donor advised funds,  distributions from individual retirement accounts, qualified charitable gifts, employer matches and planned/estate gifts

Contact Ronnel Curry at 541-463-6005 or rcurry@klcc.org for more information. 

KLCC Public Radio Foundation 2019-20 Highlights Include:

Increasing and Supporting Local News by:  

  • Hiring a full-time journalism fellow.  Elizabeth Gabriel is our current fellow she follows Melorie Begay.   
  • Funding professional development for the news director and reporters
  • Engaging the community with conversations about racism and Native culture
  • Recieving a grant from The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics for a monthly news series focusing on Native American Voices  and  Resilience and Oregon's Natural Resources
  • Replacing aging and failing radio equipment                    

Helping to sustain KLCC in the future by:

  • Adopting and implementing a long-term investment policy and plan

Purchasing New and Replacement equipment by: 

  • Receiving a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust for a new back-up generator
  • Purchasing new recording devices for the news team
  • Installing new radio equipment for Oakridge, Riddle and the Coast

The Foundation's annual impact report for 2019-2020 is available here


What is the purpose of the KLCC Public Radio Foundation?
The KLCC Public Radio Foundation was formed in June 2016 as a direct result of the 2015-18 KLCC Strategic Plan goals to expand community engagement, assure financial sustainability and enhance organizational effectiveness.  The primary functions of the KLCC Public Radio Foundation are to fundraise, advocate, and provide community outreach in support of the station.

Who is on the KLCC Public Radio Foundation board of directors?
Meet the Board.  2020-21 board officers are Morgan Munro, President; Michael Dunne, Vice President; David Jacobson, Secretary and Nick Vitale, Treasurer. 2020-21 board members include Pat Albright, Diane Bricker, Piotrek Buciarski, Aimee Butler, Michael Dunne, Dianne Ferguson, Saeed Gatson, Alex Haugland, Scott Hettick, Lisa Manotti, Damian Radcliff and Libby Wadsworth. 
What role does the KLCC Public Radio Foundation have in sustaining KLCC’s future?
The Foundation plays a key role in the future of KLCC by soliciting private donations, grants, major gifts and event revenue. The Foundation board anticipates the possibility of being the principal recipient of all private dollars that support the station. This will expand the station’s capabilities.  The Foundation is currently accepting membership gifts, major gifts, planned and estate gifts, donations from donor advised funds that require a 501(c)3 organization, grants and stocks.

If I give a donation to the KLCC Public Radio Foundation how is it different from my membership donation to KLCC?
Donations to the Foundation directly support KLCC. The difference is that your funds will be accepted, receipted and managed by the KLCC Public Radio Foundation. Please review the KLCC Public Radio Foundation Donor Bill of Rights.  Foundation funds will be leveraged to grow additional funds through grants, investments and other sources not available to KLCC without a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your gift to the KLCC Public Radio Foundation will be counted as a membership gift to KLCC. Funds will be transferred from the KLCC Public Radio Foundation to KLCC for operational support on an annual basis. 

What is the connection between the KLCC Public Radio Foundation and KLCC?
The Foundation is a self-governing, independent nonprofit organization not governed by the Lane Community College Board of Education or KLCC. The KLCC General Manager serves on the Foundation board and the Director of Philanthropy serves as the Board Administrator to the Foundation.  Both staff members fundraise on behalf of the Foundation and the station.

How do I become involved with the KLCC Public Radio Foundation?
Talk to any board member or contact Ronnel Curry at rcurry@klcc.org or 541-463-6005.

Does the KLCC Public Radio Foundation duplicate the efforts of KLCC?
The Foundation provides additional means to build financial capabilities through fundraising, advocacy, outreach, volunteer involvement and other support.

What role does the KLCC Public Radio Foundation play in station operations?
The role of the Foundation is to work alongside the station to advocate, engage community and fundraise for station goals and projects. The foundation is not an advisory committee and thus does not engage in station operations or program decisions. 

What is the relationship between KLCC and Lane Community College?
Lane Community College (LCC)  holds the Federal Communications Commission license for KLCC. LCC supports KLCC through a variety of in-kind, indirect services and direct financial support.

Does LCC financially support KLCC?
LCC remains KLCC's most generous supporter. LCC supports the station with a transfer of general funds, utilities fees, facility maintenance, custodial, payroll services, legal assistance, management, human resources and other services.

What is the current financial outlook for KLCC?
KLCC’s  annual operational budget is about $2.3 million. KLCC has aggressive goals every year to raise revenue in order to meet station goals.  Revenue streams include membership, underwriting, major giving, events and grants. In addition, cost cutting measures have been implemented to decrease expenses including radio program acquisition costs.

What is the relationship between Lane Community College (LCC) and the KLCC Public Radio Foundation?
The LCC Board of Education, LaneCC leadership and the LCC Foundation are very supportive of the KLCC Public Radio Foundation. They have been involved in the planning for the creation of the foundation and work closely with KLCC staff in a variety of ways to ensure the foundation’s success. Matt Keating, member of the Lane Community College Board of Education and Marty Hanifin, LCC’s Vice President for Finance and Administration both serve as ex-officio board members of the foundation.

Do other public radio stations have nonprofit organizations supporting them?
It is a successful practice for public radio stations whose FCC licenses are held by universities and colleges to create a public radio foundation.  


Diane Bricker

Diane Bricker, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita and Former Director, Early Intervention Program, Center on Human Development, and Associate Dean for Academic Programs College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene. Her professional interests have addressed three major areas:  early intervention service delivery approaches, curricula-based assessment/evaluation, and developmental-behavioral screening. Dr. Bricker and her colleague, Dr. Jane Squires have been a primary author of the Ages & Stages Questionnaires® and have directed research activities on the ASQ system starting in 1980.   

Diane has been a member of the Foundation's board since December 2017.

Piotrek Buciarski

Piotrek Buciarski, Board Treasurer

Current Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Summit Bank, former Senior Director of Marketing and Sales for TrackTown USA, and All American for the University of Oregon Track Team.

Piotrek has been a member of the Foundation's board since July 2018.


Aimee Butler (not pictured)

Aimee is a Financial Advisor at Meriman Wealth Management and has been on the Foundation's board since July 2020.

Michael Dunne

Michael Dunne

The public information officer for Pacific Continental Bank. In this role, he is responsible for public and media relations nationally and in the local markets of Seattle, Portland and Eugene. Prior to joining Pacific Continental Bank, Dunne was public relations director and spokesperson for national telecommunications companies’ CenturyLink and Cox Communications.

Dunne also served as media relations manager for The MWW Group, a public relations agency in Seattle. Dunne is on the board of directors for the Eugene Education Foundation, the board of directors for the Greater Oregon Public Relations Society of America, and the public affairs committee for the Oregon Bankers Association.

Michael has been a member of the Foundation's board since June 2016.

Dianne Ferguson (not pictured)

Dr. Ferguson is a retired professor, having served on the faculty of both Chapman University and the University of Oregon.  She is also a published author of several books dealing wtih special education. Dianne has been a listener and support of public radio all her adult life and is interested in expanding listeners, especially among younger generations and throughout the community.

Dianne has been a member of the Foundation's board since July 2018.

<--break->Saeed Gatson (not pictured)

Saeed Gatson is a Software Engineer, and has been a member of the Foundation's board since January 2020.

Scott Hettick

Scott Hettick is the Vice President and Media Director for Constellation Marketing Group and Prevedello Hettick Marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism, and has been a KLCC Member since 1993, and is currently a Tower Society Member. 

Scott has been a member of the Foundation's board since July 2020.


<--break->Alex Haugland (not pictured)

Alex is a Property Developer, and has been a member of the Foundation's board since January 2020.

David Jacobson

David Jacobson, Board Secretary

An attorney at Gleaves Swearingen LLP and an avid listener of KLCC.  He is also on the board of the Eugene-Springfield Tax Association and Forests Today and Forever.  

David has been a meber of the Foundation's board since Jul7 2018.

Matt Keating, Ex Officio

Matt Keating, Ex Officio

A political consultant.  He also serves on the Board of Lane Community College.  Matt works at Cumulus media compnay as a dedicated digital expert and account executive. 

Lisa Manotti

Lisa Manotti

Director of  Development for campus initiatives at the University of Oregon. Lisa depends on KLCC and NPR for her news and information 7 days a week.  Lisa and her husband John have been KLCC members since 1994 are current Tower Society members. 

Lisa has been a member of the Foundation's board since July 2018.

Morgan Munro, Board President

Morgan Munro, Board President

She grew up listening to KLCC and has been an NPR member with KLCC, KOPB, WCPN and WBEZ. Listening to KLCC inspired Morgan to join her college radio station as both a DJ and a Newscaster. She and her family are proud to be sustaining members of KLCC.

Morgan is a business consultant and corporate trainer with Hathaway Munro Organizational Development and Strategy. Morgan earned her BA at Wellesley College, and her MBA from Case Western Reserve University. 

Morgan has been a member of the Foundation's board since June 2016. president@klccfoundation.org


Damian Radcliffe

Damian is the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism, a Professor of Practice, an affiliate of the Department for Middle East and North Africa Studies (MENA), and a Research Associate of the Center for Science Communication Research (SCR) at the University of Oregon. Alongside holding the Chambers Chair at the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC), he is also a Fellow of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture Studies, and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

Damian has been a member of the Foundation's board since January 2020.

Nick Vitale

Nick Vitale

Senior Associate and CPA at Kernutt Stokes LLP, specializing in audit and assurance engagements for the firm.

Nick has been a member of the Foundation's board since July 2018.

Libby Wadsworth

Libby Wadsworth

Libby is a visual artist who perceives words as physical, aesthetic objects. Her paintings and drawings combine the verbal and visual to explore the mutability, playfulness, and fluidity of these language systems. 

Libby has been a member of the Foundation's board since December 2017.


Jim Rondeau

Jim Rondeau, Ex Officio

KLCC General Manager

Jim Rondeau, began as KLCC's General Manager in June 2019. He brings 30 years of public and commerical radio experience. His extensive career includes success in almost every aspect of the business of radio. Jim most recently oversaw radio and television at Saddleback College, including the partnership KSBR and KCSN in Southern California. At NPR affiliate KCLU, he earned many journalism awards. His commercial broadcasting highlights include Gavin Station of the Year honors at KRUZ, KCBS-FM and as an anchor/reporter at CBS news outlet KNX.  

A Pacific Northwest native, he has a Bachelors of aArts degree from the University of Washington in Integrated Social Science and a Master of Science degree in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University.