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It's (Jack)hammer Time...Groundbreaking Happens For 5th Street Market Expansion

Dozens gathered in downtown Eugene today for a groundbreaking ceremony. It kicked off the 5 th Street Public Market expansion…the largest private commercial development in the city’s history.

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Oregon Republicans Wonder If They Can Dig Out Of Their Big Political Hole

Oregon Republicans knew all along that they faced a difficult political environment, but theyre still feeling rocked by last Novembers elections. We were wiped out, said Bud Pierce, a Salem oncologist and 2016 candidate for Oregon governor. We were just annihilated. I mean, you have people in swing districts Vial, Parrish, strong candidates, incumbents, just pushed aside. Incumbent state Reps. Rich Vial of Wilsonville and Julie Parrish of West Linn were among the big GOP losses in the...

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Pitchaya Sudbanthad On 'Bangkok Wakes To Rain'

46 seconds ago

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Most American automobiles are powered by internal combustion engines: Gas or diesel goes in, tiny explosions power pistons and turn a crankshaft, the car moves forward and carbon dioxide goes out.

But a growing chorus environmental activists, business analysts and auto executives are predicting a sea change, as battery-powered electric vehicles grow in popularity.

Before President Trump even uttered the words "national emergency" on Friday, there was already a lot of talk about legal challenges.

Here's the central question: Is it constitutional for the president to ignore Congress's decision not to give him all the money he wants for a Southern border wall — and instead, get it through a declaration of a national emergency?

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An end to the Denver teacher strike

Denver teachers returned to the classroom this week after the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and Denver Public Schools reached a tentative labor agreement Thursday morning. Teachers in Denver had been on strike since Monday.

A Washington state lawmaker says it’s time for eastern Washington to break away and become a 51st state called Liberty in order to protect gun rights and avoid the “socialist values of downtown Seattle.”

Most people in the Pacific Northwest know we live in earthquake country. A new analysis published this week, however, notes that major quakes in the region have gone on a puzzling hiatus over the last decade.

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City of Eugene

The Eugene City Council will consider a proposed payroll tax to fund expanded public safety. The tax would be paid by employers and employees and generate an estimated $22.8 million a year.


Tom Bowman Event

An Evening with Tom Bowman

NPR's Pentagon Reporter will speak at the UO Knight Library Feb 20, 7 pm. Free to the public.

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