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Oregon Wildfire Updates

Multiple wildfires are burning across the state. Here's a look at some recent updates on size, containment, closures, evacuations, and firefighters efforts to contain the fires.

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Willamette National Forest

Forest Access Closed For Areas Around Middle Fork Complex

An emergency closure has been issued for areas around the Middle Fork Complex of fires north of Oakridge on the Willamette National Forest.

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BEIRUT — George Khnaisser was brought into life on the same day that more than 200 others lost theirs in Lebanon's capital. His mother gave birth in a destroyed Beirut hospital room strewn with blood, glass and bits of ceiling, attended by harried doctors and nurses — some of them injured — who worked by the light of their cellphone flashlights.

Fire crews in Oregon are working hard to contain the Bootleg Fire. There are firefighters on site from as far west as Alaska and as far south as Puerto Rico.

Every morning, outside a small town called Silver Lake, Emery Johnson and hundreds of her coworkers climb out of their tents and RVs and gather around a large map. It displays the 647 square miles in Oregon that are on fire.

Authorities warn current conditions are ideal for more fires. Officials say embers from the Bootleg Fire can travel long distances on the current 25 mph winds.

The county with the second-most confirmed cases on Tuesday was Marion County at 164 cases — 35 percenttop less than Jackson County's.

County public health director Jim Shames says the Delta variant is hitting hospitals hard.

“Things are feeling like they’re in a bit of a crisis point,” Shames says. “Hospitals are beginning to really look at contingency planning, we have patients who need to go back to the nursing homes who can't be readmitted because of various covid policies. There’s a lot of stress going on.”

A passenger aboard a Frontier Airlines flight has been charged with three counts of battery. The passenger is accused of inappropriately touching two female flight attendants and punching a male attendant on Saturday. The flight crew then restrained the unruly passenger and used tape to ensure he stayed seated for the remainder of the flight.

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TOKYO — Erriyon Knighton may be one of the youngest people in decades to represent the U.S. in men's track at the Olympics, but sailed through to the final of the 200 meter to compete with the fastest men in the world.

"I don't really try to put my age in it, I just go out there and run like I'm an adult just like they is," he said earlier this week.

The 17-year-old from Tampa, Fla., has made a dramatic rise in track, including knocking down an under-18 world record set by Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt that stood untouched since 2003.

TOKYO — Young athletes from Japan are dominating in the skateboarding competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. So far, they've won all three gold medals in the skateboarding competitions that debuted during these Games. The latest winner is Sakura Yosozumi, who claimed gold on Wednesday in the park skateboarding final.

The competitors skated around a course built for the Games, doing midair tricks and soaring through the valleys and grinding on and soaring over the lip of the curved concrete walls.

The health care company One Medical, under government scrutiny for allegedly using vaccine distribution to increase its bottom line, is facing a new challenge from within: employees who accuse the company of placing profits over patients.

Dozens of One Medical employees are trying to unionize as a response to what they say has been mismanagement of the organization's COVID-19 response, poor working conditions for staff and, they allege, a declining focus on patients.


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