Oregon Secretary Of State Rejects Ballot Proposal On Immigrant Driver's Licenses

Foes of a new law that grants undocumented immigrants Oregon driver's licenses have been working for months to repeal the policy. Now, they might need to start over. Secretary of State Bev Clarno announced Tuesday that the effort, Initiative Petition 43, did not pass constitutional muster and cannot proceed. The reason: Clarno said that the wording of the petition does not include the full text of the proposed law, as required by the Oregon Constitution. Instead, the petition calls for a law...

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Courtesy of the artist.

Todd Sickafoose Returns Home To Eugene For The Oregon Premiere Of His Project Bear Proof

Composer, bass player, bandleader, and Eugene resident Todd Sickafoose has had quite a year. Along with Michael Chorney, Sickafoose won the Tony Award for best orchestration for the Broadway musical Hadestown . KLCC's Lauren Purcell-Joiner sat down to talk with him about Hadestown , his Tony Award win, and his upcoming October 23rd performance of his composition Bear Proof . Lauren Purcell-Joiner: Can you talk a little bit about doing the orchestration for Hadestown and what that looked like?...

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Two of Rudy Giuliani's associates appeared in federal court Wednesday in Manhattan, where they pleaded not guilty to charges of illegally funneling foreign donations to U.S. political candidates.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are both U.S. citizens born in the former Soviet Union: Parnas in Ukraine, and Fruman in Belarus.

In 1969, Newsweek bestowed this honorific on Janis Joplin: "The first female superstar of rock music."

It's also a claim that Holly George-Warren sets out to prove in Joplin, her new biography of the iconic Texan singer who rocketed to fame after becoming the frontwoman of the San Francisco blues-rock group Big Brother and the Holding Company — only to die four years later at the age of 27, a casualty of the freewheeling '60s, the decade she came to embody.

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President Trump says Turkey has agreed to what he called a permanent cease-fire in northern Syria, ending its military offensive against Kurdish forces that began after the U.S. pulled its troops from the area.

Trump said his decision to remove U.S. forces — criticized by U.S. Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike — helped to bring the deal to fruition.

At a bend in the Potomac River, about 30 miles south of Washington, D.C., there's a fleet of "ghost ships" — shipwrecks that rise eerily from the water at low tide. It's one of the largest collections of shipwrecks in the world, and they're now part of a new national marine sanctuary.

39 Bodies Found In Trucking Container In UK

3 hours ago

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Forgotten: The Things We Lost In Kanye's Gospel Year

4 hours ago

We should not forget that Zora Neale Hurston was forgotten.

Lillian Pitt is a Pacific Northwest Native American artist whose ancestors lived in and near the Columbia River Gorge. The focus of her work is on creating contemporary fine art pieces that delight today’s art lovers, and at the same time, honor the histo
Portrait of the Artist by Sandy Brown Jensen

You’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. Lillian Pitt is a well-known Native American artist who has a show, “Gifts of My Ancestors” currently at the White Lotus Gallery. Viz City asked her about where she finds the soul of her art.

The biggest wildfire in 20 years in Spain's Catalonia region began on June 26, when a pile of chicken manure, baking in record high temperatures, burst into flames.

Fed by strong winds, the flames spread quickly, igniting dry brush and pine forest. In three days the fire burned more than 16,000 acres, and it took more than 500 firefighters to put it out.

Nobody knows exactly how many fighting roosters there are in Puerto Rico. The breeders who raise them for cockfights say at least half a million. Two hundred and fifty of those live in neatly lined cages in José Torres' backyard in the mountain town of Utuado, and should the police show up to take them when cockfighting is banned at the end of this year, he has no plans to give them up.

Slingshot Scenes: KXT Local Live Sessions

5 hours ago

KXT Live Sessions launched on Nov. 9, 2009, on the same day the station went live. The ambitions were sky-high: to film 20 bands performing live in the studio during the station's first two weeks on air. Now, in the nearly 10 years since, KXT has produced hundreds of performance videos from both local and world-renowned talent. To celebrate the station's 10th anniversary — and October's Local Music Month — we've compiled a list featuring some of our favorite performances from North Texas artists.

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