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Oregon Grapevine

KLCC’s Barbara Dellenback hosts Oregon Grapevine, conversations with people who are actively and passionately creating the present and future in which they wish to live. The show takes its name from Oregon's state flower, the Oregon Grape, and through it you'll hear candid and compelling conversations on arts and activism, political lobbying, the future of libraries, and unique perspectives on current events.

If you know people taking creative and perceptive action, and making unusual choices in these times, please send us an email.

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Latest Episodes
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Eugene-area community activist Tom Bowerman about current projects and concerns.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Oregon State University Music Professor, Dana Reason about collaborations using music and scientific data and art. OSU is nurturing communication and projects across disciplines. Barbara and Dana discuss a June conference at OSU bringing together women composers from around the globe.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with older adult behavior specialist, Tim Malone, about mental illness, memory loss, and issues of aging. People are living longer and that is bringing some new complications to care giving. Barbara and Tim discuss some strategies for helping the aging members of the population.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, talks with Oregon Fair Family member, Casey Marks-Fife about the place of the annual event in local culture.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Eugene's Whole Earth Nature School co-founder Ana Bradley about the vitality and experience of outdoor education. The school uses nature as the classroom. Ana and Barbara talk about the connection of mind and body and learning.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with former Member of Congress, Les AuCoin, about his memoir. Les and Barbara talk about his life in politics, and his take on current events.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, and housing advocate, Aaron Brown, discuss the intersection of housing, transportation, and racial justice. Changing urban landscapes and perspectives about housing are creating tensions and solutions. Learn about the Yes In My Backyard movement on this episode.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Oregon Dunes naturalist and volunteer, Dina Pavlis. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area was created 50 years ago to conserve the ecosystem, and highlight recreation and public enjoyment of the region. Barbara and Dina talk about the abundant plants and animals and activities available on the Dunes.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Sarai Johnson. Sarai is the Lane County Shelter and Housing Strategist. Barbara and Sarai talk about some of the issues leading to homelessness, and what some organizations and governmental agencies are doing to ease the situation.
  • Oregon Grapevine host Barbara Dellenback and U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio talk about his successes during his long career in Congress. DeFazio is retiring after this term.