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Oregon Grapevine

KLCC’s Barbara Dellenback hosts Oregon Grapevine, conversations with people who are actively and passionately creating the present and future in which they wish to live. The show takes its name from Oregon's state flower, the Oregon Grape, and through it you'll hear candid and compelling conversations on arts and activism, political lobbying, the future of libraries, and unique perspectives on current events.

If you know people taking creative and perceptive action, and making unusual choices in these times, please send us an email.

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Latest Episodes
  • Janelle McCoy raises a variety of animals for fiber, weed eradication, fire mitigation, and their personalities. She speaks with host, Barbara Dellenback, about her past careers in music and community benefit organizations, and her current life on the farm.
  • Sky Stickney is the Eugene area director of Young Life, and the head boys' basketball coach for Eugene's Churchill High School. He speaks with Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, about working with youth about life choices, spiritual beliefs, and leadership on and off the court.
  • Oregon's High Desert Museum, south of Bend, brings visitors into the surroundings to interact with animals, plants, and history. Museum Executive Director, Dana Whitelaw, speaks with Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, about the museum and its vital connection to the region.
  • The Spring Creek Project is an innovative collaboration bringing philosophy, science, and the arts to the Oregon State University Campus. Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with Project Director, Carly Lettero, about residency programs, public actions, and interdisciplinary thinking the newest episode.
  • Former Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, speaks with Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback about her legacy in office, her future plans, and what she miss about the job.
  • Trailkeepers of Oregon builds, maintains, and advocates for trails thoughout the state. Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with the Natalie Ferraro about the work the group does. The two talk about the history, status, and future of hiking in Oregon.
  • On this special edition of Oregon Grapevine, a conversation with Peter DeFazio as he ends his 36-year career as Representative of Oregon's 4th Congressional District. In this interview DeFazio shares some highlights of his time in Congress and looks ahead to what's next.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, and Oregon Cultural Trust Chair, Niki Price talk about art in everyday life. What is art? What is the place of creativity and beauty in our lives? How do you take the plunge and try something new?
  • Tiquette Bramlett about speaks with Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, about her role as the first Black woman to run a winery. Tiquette and Barbara discuss inclusivity and diversity in the wine world, recruiting the BIPOC community, and singing to the grapes.
  • Oregon Grapevine host, Barbara Dellenback, speaks with the former chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. John Frohnmayer and Barbara touch on arts in education, making ethical choices, going home again, and competitive rowing.