Central Lane 911 to Test Emergency Alert System For McKenzie Highway Area

Jul 8, 2021

At 10 a.m. on Friday, Central Lane 911 will test the Community Emergency Notification System for the McKenzie Highway area.


Central Lane Call Center is a communications division for the Eugene Police.
Credit eugene-or.gov

  Test notifications are intended to reach landlines and wireless  phone numbers registered with the Alert-Sense system in the McKenzie and Mohawk Valleys.


Central Lane’s Technology and Quality Improvement Manager Rob Poirier said fire season has started early this year, and they want to be prepared.


“So this is a system we’ve had in place for at least five to seven years, but again after last year, and with all the evacuations, it’s really important that we get our community members involved and understanding how the system works,” Poirier said.


Those who sign up for the alert system will still get notifications when traveling outside the geographical area.


Central Lane asks people to not call 911 when they receive a test alert. Phone numbers can be registered to receive alerts by texting your zip code to 38276.