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VIZ CITY BLOG: Audio, photos, transcripts & more by Terry Way and Sandy Brown Jensen.Airs every other Wednesday during Morning Edition and Here & Now.

Hidden Treasures: Discover Three New Artists

Photo of woman in a forest.
By permission of the artist.

This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program. This week I want to highlight three artists who might slip under your radar and who really shouldn’t.


The first is Paula Goodbar who has a one woman show in the upstairs Jaqua Gallery at the Emerald Art Center in Springfield. The show is called “Illusional Behavior.” I think a good way to describe her sometimes dreamy, sometimes whackadoodle photo collages is “surrealism.”

One of my favorites of these is called “Chasing Time.” 


A woman with a crown races in a full length blue skirt through an ancient forest toward an antique clock already half buried in the forest floor duff. A fox, a raven, and a man like Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit with  an anxious glance at his pocket watch all contribute to a fairy tale world with a very modern comment on our preoccupation with time. This little gem of a show is worth your time to seek out.

photo of a golden princess in a magic forest
Credit By permission of the artist
Paula Goodbar. Enchantment. Print of Acrylic.

The second artist who has a jewel hiding in plain sight, is Susan Detroy who has a 49 minute experimental film in the Eugene Mayor’s Art Show, downstairs in the Hult Center’s Jacob’s Gallery. Susan began documenting her daily life at the beginning of the Covid year on March 13, 2020, capturing the pandemic experience from her corner of the world. The further we drift from 2020, the more important the zeitgeist captured by this film will become. Kudos to the jurors of the Mayor’s Art show who recognized Susan’s important experimental film and found a home for it.




The third artist to discover is Deanna White. Her lively one woman show just opened in the Corrine Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center in Corvallis.

colorful art
Credit By permission of the gallery
Deanna White. Queen of Hearts. Acrylic.


It is whimsically titled “Me, Myself, and I.” Deanna has Willamette Valley landscapes in acrylics and pastels, as well as a really striking full-sized collaged female statue you want to invite home for dinner. Deanna’s  colorful signature style exists in the unlikely land where Cubism and patchwork quilts meet.

I know it’s hot, folks, so duck inside a small gallery and cool off while getting to know some of Oregon’s rising stars.

This is Sandy Brown Jensen for KLCC.


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