24K Native Plants Added To Eugene's Riverfront

Jan 17, 2020

Eugene is one step closer to a new riverfront area. The city is placing more than 24 thousand plants along the bank of the Willamette. KLCC’s Aubrey Bulkeley went to see how the work is going.

Project Manager Emily Proudfoot on the Willamette River where more than 24,000 native plants are being added to the river bank as part of the riverfront renovation.
Credit Aubrey Bulkeley

Before planting, the city removed invasive ivy and 10,000 yards of soil. They added rock and a thick blanket of compost to give the plants a place to grow.

They’re planting native species found along Oregon’s rivers, including ferns and Thimbleberries.

Planning was strategic to ensure longevity so more water resilient plants are being added in the 25 and 50 year flood plain.

Ferns and other native plants found by Oregon's rivers are being added to the bank of the Willamette as part of the Downtown Riverfront Park renovation.
Credit Aubrey Bulkeley

Project Manager Emily Proudfoot says this is a legacy project.

“We’ve never built a project of this scale, this size, this expense. Everything about it is about bringing people to the river and the river to the city. And it’s really the heart of our community. I just feel like it’s a real leveling up for Eugene.”

The deadline for the riverfront renovation is March 2021 so a fan festival can be hosted for the World Track Championships.