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Rachael McDonald is News Director at KLCC. She’s been with the station for more than 10 years. Previously, she established the Richland, Washington bureau for the Northwest News Network. She also worked as News Director at KAZU in Monterey, California. Rachael has won numerous awards for her reporting.
Rachael was named KLCC News Director in June, 2018.  From July, 2018 through January, 2019 Rachael served as KLCC's interim Program Director . Rachael has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oregon.

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The Eugene Police Department has unveiled its initial steps toward reform in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the nationwide protests that followed. 

Elizabeth Gabriel

A Eugene Police investigation of a hit and run that injured a prominent Black Lives Matter activist last Sunday is almost complete.

Nathan Bouquet

KLCC is pleased to welcome our 2020 Snowden Intern, Nathan Bouquet. Nathan, originally from California, graduated last month from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Rachael McDonald

A massive infrastructure bill backed by Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio is on the House floor this week. 

Melorie Begay

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner says his department is investigating a collision between a car and a Black Unity protester Sunday. 

Anni Katz

Dozens of people protested outside of Market of Choice in Eugene Monday.

Kendall Hocking

Employees at Market of Choice in Eugene plan to protest outside of the Willamette Street store today [Monday] to protest the company’s unwillingness to allow them to wear masks that say “Black Lives Matter”.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees Wednesday voted unanimously to de-name Deady Hall. Matthew Deady was a pro-slavery delegate to the Oregon constitution.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC

Protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have been pushing for defunding police in the wake of recent police killings of African-Americans.

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This week, local chefs are participating in a good old-fashioned bake sale to raise money for organizations that fight racism. “Bakers Against Racism” is a national effort.

Rachael McDonald

The two Pioneer statues that protesters toppled Saturday will not be returned to their pedestals on the University of Oregon campus. UO President Michael Schill made the announcement in a letter to the campus community Monday. 

City of Newport

Over the weekend, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 grew to 206 in coastal Lincoln County. So far, no one there is known to have died of the virus.

Rachael McDonald

Two statues that symbolize Oregon’s history and legacy of taking of indigenous land were torn down Saturday evening on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. This happened after a teach-in at Deady Hall.

Rachael McDonald

Officials in Lincoln County are working to get a handle on an outbreak of COVID-19 that started at a seafood processing plant and is spreading through community transmission.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Lincoln County has the highest infection rate for coronavirus in the state right now, linked to an outbreak at a seafood processing plant. The current number of known positive cases is 184— up from 10 cases a week and a half ago.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC

University of Oregon President Michael Schill is recommending changing the name of Deady Hall. This after renewed calls from a member of the UO Board of Trustees last week to remove the name of a man who was known for his pro-slavery views.  

Eugene-Springfield NAACP

The Eugene Springfield NAACP, local clergy, and community leaders joined Tuesday to voice support for Black Lives Matter. This comes as protests continue against systemic racism and police brutality against people of color.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The Lane County Board of Commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Elizabeth Gabriel

Starting today (June 8) low-income Lane County residents can apply for energy assistance funding made available by the federal government. A total of $575,000 has been made available to the county known as LP20 CARES.

University of Oregon

UPDATE: The Board of Trustees announced Friday it will schedule a special meeting to consider the request in the coming weeks.

A member of the University of Oregon Board of Trustees Thursday urged the board to change the name of Deady Hall. Deady was a pro-slavery delegate to the Oregon Constitution and a founder of the U of O.


Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio Wednesday announced a $500-billion infrastructure bill that he says will create millions of jobs.

Rachael McDonald

The City of Eugene has implemented a curfew for tonight and Sunday for the downtown area. This after a march to protest the killing of George Floyd turned to a destructive riot with people setting fires and destroying property.

Brian Bull, Amy Brenneman, Tiffany Eckert, Rachael McDonald / KLCC

The Radio Television Digital News Association has announced the winners of the 2020 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, honoring outstanding achievement in broadcast and digital journalism, technical expertise, and adherence to RTDNA’s Code of Ethics.

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The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was not a training issue; it was a heart and character issue.  That from Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner.  He says his department has increased officer training in response to the incident, which has led to outrage and looting in the Twin Cities.

Rachael McDonald

A few dozen activists and concerned citizens gathered in front of the Seneca Sawmills in Eugene Thursday morning to protest a logging project near Springfield. They wore masks—kept their distance, and held signs decrying clear-cuts on public land.


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly everyone in the world. Here in Oregon, people have already been preparing for a disaster to varying degrees for years. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald reports on what we’re learning now that might help in the next crisis.

Brian Bull / KLCC

If you get a jury summons or have other reasons to interact with your county courthouse, you might wonder how that looks with pandemic protocols in place. 

Photo by Eric Alan

The Eugene-Springfield NAACP is teaming up with Café Soriah this Memorial Day to celebrate the end of Ramadan and support communities of color affected by COVID-19.

Coutesy of Chris Banducci / Cascadia Wildlands

A logging project near Springfield is set to go forward after the Bureau of Land Management this week issued a decision. But, environmental groups are sounding the alarm with concerns over fire danger.

Brian Bull / KLCC

On this 22nd anniversary of the Thurston High School shooting in Springfield, Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio says a bill passed by the house that would strengthen gun restrictions continues to languish in the Senate.