Junction City Wood Mill Fire Contained, Still Burning

Jul 12, 2021

On Sunday afternoon in Junction City, a fire broke out at the Wood Recovery mill along Highway 99, and the fire is expected to continue to burn for several days, according to the Junction City Fire Department.

The Wood Recovery mill is located on Milliron Road in Junction City.
Credit Lane County Sheriff's Office



The Junction City crew worked through the night fighting the fire, which is contained but active.


“Because of the lumber on site, there are areas that will continue to burn,” said Erica Nicol, an administrative assistant at the Junction City Fire Department. “The firefighters work to keep the fire from spreading.”


Evacuation warnings were issued, but no one was evacuated, and no structures were lost. 


“We have volunteer firefighters and staff and other agencies out there working hard to keep the fire from spreading,” Nicol said. “And the cause of the fire is undetermined at this point.”


Highway 99 is clear at this point and there are no plans to close.