Oregon Employment Outlook: 2020 Will Be ‘Slow And Stable’

Jan 6, 2020

Oregon’s unemployment rate starts the new year at historic lows. But some analysts think the state’s economy won’t continue to grow at the same robust rate in 2020.

Credit Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

One economist with the Oregon Employment Department predicts job growth in the coming year to be "slow and stable." Amy Vander Vliet wrote in an article posted on the agency’s website that she thinks Oregon employers will create jobs in 2020 at the same rate as they did in 2019.

That continues to be a slower rate than during the peak of the economic expansion a few years ago. But with other key economic indicators remaining strong, it doesn’t signal an impending recession.

Areas of job growth in 2020 are expected to be in the public sector, education and health care. That’s expected to be offset by a slowdown in manufacturing and construction.