Albany seeks public input to update parks and recreation master plan

Aug 19, 2019

The City of Albany is seeking public input as it updates its master plan for parks and recreation. The master plan helps the city focus its priorities for parks and recreational programs over the coming decade. The department is gathering input through an online survey and at public events.

Timber Linn Memorial Park in Albany.
Credit City of Albany

Kim Lyddane, the director of Albany's Parks and Recreation Department, said says many people who have responded so far have asked the city to focus on caring for their existing parks. “We’re seeing a trend [of] continuing to take care of the properties that we currently have," she said. "So, keeping the steady maintenance of our parks, helping to redo older playgrounds so that they’re up to speed.”

But Lyddane says a significant number of people are interested in expanding facilities, such as building new water play features. She says all of the input will be weighed against the expected budget in the coming years.