Beyond Toxics Keeps Fighting

Feb 1, 2016

A local watchdog group is gathering signatures for a possible ballot measure that would ban aerial pesticide spraying in Oregon’s forests.  Eugene-based Beyond Toxics is also celebrating its 15th anniversary this week.

Lisa Arkin is Executive Director of Beyond Toxics.
Credit Beyond Toxics

Beyond Toxics is a non-profit that works to protect people and other living things from environmental pollutions. Executive Director Lisa Arkin says their first campaign was aimed at banning field-burning in the Willamette Valley, and they succeeded.
“Truly, in watchdog fashion, we saw a problem, we saw that the agencies were not willing to address it and we went after it in a very grass-roots way, focusing on environmental health.”
Beyond Toxics has also fought for stricter laws around chemicals harmful to bees. The organization successfully pushed Eugene and other cities to ban use of neonicotinoids. Their next project is a ballot measure that would restrict aerial pesticides in Oregon.
Beyond Toxics’s “15 years of Feisty” Celebration is Friday February 5th at Capitello Winery in Eugene.