Eugene Tech Reaches Out

Oct 4, 2019

Max Chung
Credit Karen Richards

The Technology Association of Oregon hosted an open house of Eugene-area tech companies last night (Thursday). The event is aimed at recruiting potential talent, and ties to local higher ed are growing.

By moving the event to October, organizers more than doubled U of O and LCC student involvement. Max Chung attended last year.


Chung: “It’s actually kind of crazy because as a UO student, most people don’t go downtown that often. Definitely, a lot more companies than you’d expect, and the offices are really cool.”


Chung is helping host at Nulia, where he works as a Project Administrator while completing his U of O business degree. Tina Guldberg is Director of Industry Partnerships with U of O:


Guldberg: “Working with TAO has really helped us to learn about industry needs and then be able to prepare students better for industry jobs.” 


Guldberg says the university facilitates quarterly tours of Lane County companies. This year, they’re adding a visit to biotech firms in Bend.