Free Web Series Emphasizes Wildfire Safety

Mar 16, 2021

Spring might not be the time of year we typically think about wildfires. But a series of free webinars starting Wednesday, March 17 is meant to help Oregonians prepare for another wildfire season.


Fire crews douse hotspots in the aftermath of the Holiday Farm Fire in Sept. 2020.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

OSU Extension Fire Program Manager Carrie Berger said she’s offered these workshops before. But after an historically bad fire season in Oregon, she’s already seen a sixfold increase in the number of people registered.

“I see an uptick in people just wanting to protect themselves and be prepared, and ready, and informed," she said.

The webinars are meant to help residents in potential fire zones work with their community to reduce the risk of wildfire. That could include everything from creating defensible spaces around buildings to knowing the ins and out of how to safely evacuate. Berger said the series will be recorded and posted online for later viewing.

Wednesday's webinar will be the first of at least eight to be held on the topic between now and mid-June. To sign up, visit the OSU Extension website.