Here’s What Oregon Public Universities, Colleges Will Get in Stimulus Money

Apr 13, 2020


Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

Last month, President Donald Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act in order to help offset the impending recession. Now, Oregon colleges will also receive a cut of the money.


The federal stimulus package will provide $12.5 billion in grants directly to higher education institutions nationwide. Out of Oregon’s seven public universities, Portland State University and the University of Oregon will receive the most, totaling over $16 million each.

Of Oregon’s 17 public community colleges, Portland Community College will receive the most with over $12 million. Lane Community College will get the fifth highest amount of $3 million.

Half of each institution’s total grant amount is reserved for emergency student aid. As of now, it is unknown as to when schools will receive their federal stimulus money.