Land Use Board Temporarily Halts EWEB Tree Removal In South Eugene

Aug 3, 2021

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, or LUBA, has issued a stay to Eugene Water & Electric’s water storage project in South Eugene.

EWEB's plans call for removing about 25% of the trees on the 10 acre property, including this fir tree that's estimated at more than 150 years old.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Petitioners with Save EWEB Forest had requested the stay with a notice of intent to appeal EWEB’S erosion prevention permit, issued by the city of Eugene. The utility plans to build two 7.5 million gallon water storage tanks at the wooded 10-acre site at 40th and Patterson. But their plan has been met with protest by residents who don’t want the trees, some of them very old, to be cut down. In the order, LUBA said, quote:

“Based on petitioners’ motion for stay, the Board grants an interim stay of the portion of the city’s decision that authorizes the destruction of trees.”

EWEB started tree cutting Monday morning and was told to stop work by the afternoon. An EWEB spokesperson said the utility followed all land use and permitting requirements under City of Eugene code. He added the tree cutting was almost finished when the stay halted their work. The City of Eugene and EWEB have a week to respond to LUBA’s stay.

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