Lane County Homestead Overrun With At Least 400 Cats, Prompting Calls For Help

Aug 15, 2019

Animal welfare advocates are trying to save hundreds of cats on a rural homestead in Lane County. 

Just a few of the felines found on the Veneta homestead.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The group, Cat Rescue and Adoption Network, says there are more than 400 felines at the home outside Veneta.  The property owner is reportedly an elderly woman who’s been at the hospital, leaving her stepdaughter to casre for the animals.

Tamara Barnes, with the Eugene non-profit, Save the Pets, cautions that the site is essentially a haz-mat area, given the waste and diseases concentrated on it. She hopes many cats can be medically treated and adopted, but fears some may need to be put down.

“Pregnant mothers, kittens, you name it. And of course, animals have passed away out there as well," Barnes tells KLCC. 

"We’re working just on meeting basic needs right now, food, water.  And we have a veterinarian’s plan to sprinkle antibiotic in their food. Because that’s how you treat a herd of cats.”

Barnes says they’re trying to get the Humane Society and ASPCA involved.  Save the Pets is raising money to help care for the cats.

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