Lane County Is Not Accepting Plastic For Recycling

Oct 20, 2017

Starting Saturday, Lane County will not be accepting most plastic containers at the Glenwood Transfer Station and other locations.  This is due to disruptions in the global recycling market.

Lane County is not accepting any plastic containers except for milk jugs at its transfer sites.

Lane County is only accepting clear, plastic milk jugs at its transfer stations. They’re not taking any other plastics. They also don’t want milk cartons or aseptic containers. The changes are temporary and due to a ban on importing mixed recycled materials into China. Waste Management Division Manager Dan Hurley says so far this does not affect those who have residential pickup in Eugene / Springfield. But in Florence, plastics are not being accepted curbside.

Credit Lane County

“For the people that do still have curbside residential service. For plastics, stick to bottles, tubs and jugs. And don’t pay any attention to the number or the symbol on the bottom of the plastic. That just means its plastic and it’s of a certain type of plastic but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s recycleable.”
There are other options: Local grocery stores accept plastic bags. And you can drop off bottles at groceries or the BottleDrop Redemption Center. You can also re-use containers.
Lane County is still accepting glass, cardboard and paper at its transfer locations.

This change is unrelated to the Lane County AFSCME strike.