Lane County Recognizes Transgender Remembrance Day

Nov 20, 2019

The Gender and Equity Center at Lane Community College displays the 22 identified transgender individuals who where murdered in 2019.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

Across the world, people are holding vigils (Wednesday) to recognize International Transgender Remembrance Day. KLCC’s Elizabeth Gabriel reports from an event at Lane Community College.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, over 20 transgender individuals have been murdered this year in the United States.

­Teressa Morris is the Gender Equity Center Ambassadors at LCC and has a transgender daughter. She says community members should attend events to show their support and educate themselves.

“Hearing them read out loud really made it a lot more powerful and real,” said Morris. “Every name you hear you think, ‘Oh, I hope this is the last one,’ and it just—it just keeps going.”

Morris says if more people are able to see transgender individuals as the gender they identify with, there will be less violence.

Community organization Transponder will also host a Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil this evening. The event is located at the Atrium Building, 99 W. 10th Ave., Eugene.