Macedonian Noir at Ben's Art Space in Epic Seconds

May 15, 2019

Robert Dandarov's paintings and drawings are on view at "Ben's Art Space," in Epic Seconds at 30 E. 11th Ave in Eugene, Oregon.
Credit Portrait by Sandy Brown Jensen

Viz City is happy to welcome a new gallery, “Ben’s Art Space,” to the Eugene art scene. . Right now you can see a fascinating show by Robert Dandarov called “Macedonian Noir.” Robert says Americans often say his work as “dark” or “noirish,” but he sees his work with different eyes:

"To me, it’s very colorful and is connected to ...everything is coming from my childhood in Macedonia. But as I grew up in a country infused with, you know, history, bloodshed, poetry--these old monasteries where I grew up under the Byzantine influence--all this sort of..yeah, it is kind of darkness zipped up in my DNA, my painterly DNA, which I carry with me wherever I go in the world."

Dandarov’s Macedonian Noir is characterized by both a ferocity and a wicked sense of humor. You may think of El Greco, or Goya’s Capricho’s, or closer to home, our own Rick Bartow, full of animal energies and surrealism. His “Self-Portrait” is a masterwork of all these qualities.

"In this particular painting, it’s like me standing in this darkness dark, lone figure, kind of El Greco; doesn’t look like me, but is inside--trying to show my inside, the so-called dark inspiration from there...I’m in front of the easel, and some animals, which are sprouting from my head, which is symbolic of this inspiration, which I carry from there.

"In short, is that dark coming from the subconscious like some dark animal, which we don’t know where it’s coming, where it’s going, and why it’s coming--for me, the painting is a mystery…"

You can visit the “Macedonian Noir” exhibition at the Ben’s Art Space upstairs in Epic Seconds, 30 E. 11th Ave. in Eugene through June 30.

Viz City is co-produced by Terry Way and Sandy Brown Jensen.

"St. Francis Preaching to the Animals," Mixed Media on Paper, by Robert Dandarov
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Ben's Art Space in Epic Seconds MACEDONIAN NOIR; by ROBERT DANDAROV Exhibition Dates: May 1--June 30, 2019
Robert Dandarov with his "Self-Portrait" in his signature "Macedonian Noir" style
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen

Robert Dandarov's "Modern Art" showcases the dominant features of Macedonian Noir: a furious rage and wicked sense of humor.
Credit Gallery Photo by Sandy Brown Jensen