New Oregon Driver License Law Takes Effect

Dec 30, 2020

Starting in January, 2021, Oregonians without proof of legal presence will be able to apply for a driver's license. 

 It's the result of a bill approved by the Oregon legislature in 2019. It means people won't have to show legal presence when applying for a drivers license or ID card. 

Oregon lawmakers approved the drivers license bill in 2019.
Credit Chris Lehman / KLCC
  Oregon DMV spokesman David House said nothing else will change. "All the other requirements stay in place: passing tests, fees, proving your identification, proving you're a resident of Oregon, and proving you know Oregon traffic laws through the knowledge test," he said.   Advocates said the new law will make Oregon roads safer by removing an excuse for people to drive without a license. Opponents have said driving priveleges shouldn't be offered to people who are in the country unlawfully. Applicants won't be automatically registered to vote unless they show proof of citizenship.