The Pandemic Won't Steal Christmas This Year, Thanks To Virtual Santas

Dec 14, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted many traditions this holiday season, including kids’ visits with Santa at malls, churches, and other gathering spots. But the jolly old elf won’t let the pandemic spoil the fun.

Corey Anderson (a.k.a Santa Claus) during a Zoom session with one of his many good girls and boys.
Credit Beth Casper / YMCA

A little girl in California talks to Santa via Zoom.
Credit Beth Casper / YMCA

Several local Saint Nicks have gotten with the times. Corey Anderson and a co-worker have set up shop at the Eugene’s YMCA, and do ZOOM calls with kids.

SantaCLIP: “Santa? Is my daddy on the ‘nice’ list?” (MOM laughs) Anderson: "Is your daddy on the ‘nice’ list?  I’ve been looking for your daddy’s name on there…(groan)…I’m sure it’s on there…”

Anderson told KLCC that his face hurts from hours of smiling and chuckling, but…

“It’s pretty awesome," he added. "To be able to spread some Christmas magic out there has been truly a blessing.”

Bil Morrill of Cottage Grove is another virtual Santa, who says his career has quickly expanded past friends and family.
Credit Photo provided by Bil Morrill.

And Bil Morrill of Cottage Grove says the pandemic let him grow out a beard that made him a convincing Santa. He enjoys the virtual experience with kids.

“They carry the phone around the house and show me the wonderful things that they’ve made," said Morrill.

"It just warms my heart. I truly think I’ve gotten more out of it, than the kids are getting out of it.”

Both Santas report ZOOMING with dozens of excited kids since they started offering their online visits.

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