Travel-Related COVID-19 Transmission On Rise In Lane County

Jul 7, 2020

Lane County continues to see an increase in COVID-19 positive cases. There have been 244 cases countywide to date and 63 people are currently infectious. Now, a growing trend for viral transmission is travel.

If you must travel, Lane County Public Health advises staying personally safe and refrain from going to crowded, popular destinations.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis reports around 10% of the county’s overall case count is travel related. And he warned that percentage is going up.

“We’re seeing family members who are visiting from other areas-Texas, California,” Davis said. “We’re also seeing individuals from Lane County who are traveling to other states and coming back and testing positive. So this really drills down on that message of considering your travel and if it’s absolutely necessary at this time.” 

Jason Davis is spokesperson for LC Public Health. He gives warnings and advice on travel during the pandemic.
Credit Lane County Public Health video

Davis acknowledges this is a hard message. It’s summer and a lot of us might really need a vacation. He said the problem with travel—even just a road trip- is the unavoidable interactions during stops. If you must get away, Davis advises masking, vigilant hygiene and avoiding popular destinations.

Public Health officials say stopping for gas is one potential COVID-19 transmission point while traveling.
Credit Tiffany Eckert