Workers Protest Restrictions On Black Lives Matter Masks At Market of Choice

Jun 28, 2020

Employees at Market of Choice in Eugene plan to protest outside of the Willamette Street store today [Monday] to protest the company’s unwillingness to allow them to wear masks that say “Black Lives Matter”.

Protesters outside Market of Choice in Corvallis on Saturday.
Credit Kendall Hocking

Kendall Hocking works at the Delta Oaks Market of Choice. She says there have been smaller employee walkouts over the past week including in Corvallis, where a manager resigned in protest. She says employees seek an agreement with management about how to voice support for the BLM movement at work. She says the company prides itself on being part of the community.

“And they took the time and the research to think about their customer base." Hocking says, "And they took the time to think about their employees and their vendors.  And they put out a statement publically saying they support Black Lives Matter. And I think it’s important that we are able to say that in the stores.”

Hocking has a petition on asking for support for employees to wear Black Lives Matter masks at Market of Choice.