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It’s a Happening! Find OR Country “Fair In The Clouds” Weekend Schedule Here

Oregon Country Fair

For the second year, the Oregon Country Fair will not be held on the wooded site in Veneta. The pandemic forced the decision in late spring, when many would have begun preparing for the popular festival. In the interest of safety, the Board of Directors made the choice to put an in-person Country Fair on hold-- again. What will happen this weekend is a virtual event called Fair in the Clouds.

You won’t have to buy a ticket or a parking pass. All you need to attend this Country Fair event is a computer or phone and an internet connection.

Everything starts at 11 am Friday, July 9, 2021 at oregoncountryfair.org 

You might choose the 3-D option to meet up with friends and experience the Oregon Country Fair site virtually. There will be four live streams where fair goers can see and hear musical performances, panel discussions and workshops. Artisans will sell their wares. There’s even a Peach Pit, the indespencible guide to Fair.

Credit Tiffany Eckert
Crystalyn Frank is OCF Operations Manager and has attended the Fair her entire life. The Peach is the symbol of Oregon Country Fair.

Crystalyn Frank is Operations Manager for the OCF. She’s been amazed at how much work it takes to make Fair in the Clouds.  

“The desire and willingness to give, among not just our volunteers but our crafters and the food booths and the entertainers, it’s definitely an act of love. And all of that comes together --whether we’re in-person or doing a virtual event-- and make something really beautiful.”

Unlike last year when a lot of the content was archived material, Frank said most of the stuff you’ll catch this weekend is new. From puppet shows to fire-dancing, jazz to jam bands—Oregon Country Fair is happening in cyber space this weekend and you’re invited.

Click here to check out the 2021 Peach Pit.


Peach Stream

11:06 AM      Fooble the Dragon
12:08 PM      Five Women Leaders of OCF
1:10 PM        Espacio Flamenco
2:10 PM        Meredith Axelrod
3:10 PM        Jim Page
3:59 PM        Baby Gramps
4:59 PM        Inspire
6:01 PM        Kyoshi
7:02 PM        11:11
8:01 PM        Tobias the Owl
9:00 PM        Left on Wilson
10:01 PM      Lost Ox


11:03 AM      Jenuwine the Unicorn
11:31 AM      Earthcapades
11:42 AM      Lemondrop Fairy
12:02 PM      Invisible Art Project
12:58 PM      Mark Harris
2:01 PM        Adam East and Kris Deelane
2:56 PM        Heartstrings Project
3:57 PM        Radar Angels
4:41 PM        Kef
5:01 PM        Other Magic
6:01 PM        m5
6:42 PM        Lafa Taylor
7:00 PM        Arc in Movement
8:00 PM        Spunj
9:00 PM        Upstate Quartet
10:02 PM      Vaudeville

11:02 AM      Melanie DeMore
12:03 PM      Garden Critter Academy
12:34 PM      Cello Joe
1:21 PM        Family Flamenco
2:22 PM        Stumptown Jug Thumpers
3:12 PM        Smalltime (w/ Katie Sontag)
4:13 PM        The Shift
5:15 PM        Curtis Carlyle + Tera the Supernova Strongwoman
6:02 PM        Free Creatures
6:59 PM        Michelle Alany Experience
7:58 PM        Sequel
8:58 PM        Token Rhymes
9:57 PM        High Step Society

Live Stream – Hoarse Chorale Performances

11:30  Soul Vibrator
12:45  Henry Holden
2:00    Never Ever Band
3:15    Higher Love Band
4:30    Pitchwood
5:45    Uncle Stumbles
6:55    Almond Butters Band

11:30  John Shipe
12:45  Corwin Bolt & The Wingnuts
2:00    Sequel
3:15    Wellington Drive
4:30    Missoula Flood
5:45    Rudolph Korv
6:55    Tia Carroll

Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Open Houses

*To actively participate, fill out this form and we’ll send you the Zoom link 

10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
1:00 AM      Nancy Goodman
12:00 PM      *Robin Quirke
01:00 PM      *Diversity Committee
02:15 PM      *Respect(Ed)
03:30 PM      *Holistic Resistance
04:45 PM      *Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Panel Open House
06:30 PM      Host
07:00 PM      Inspire


10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
11:00 AM      5 Women Leaders of OCF
12:00 PM      *Rainbow Connection
01:15 PM      *TransPonder
02:30 PM      *Ayisha Elliot
03:45 PM      *Kemy Joseph
05:00 PM      Stringmaking
05:30 PM      Community Conversation
06:00 PM      OCF Land
07:00 PM      Inspire

10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
10:30 AM      Stringmaking
11:00 AM      HI Training
12:00 PM      *Steve Newcomb & Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
03:00 PM      *Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
04:00 PM      Lane East Asian Network
05:15 PM      *BIPOC Sanctuary
06:30 PM      *Community Conversation
07:00 PM      Inspire

Community Village Stream

10:00 AM      Council Intro Video
10:01 AM      HOST  Omo
10:05 AM      Community Village Opening Circle Ceremony
10:28 AM      STEEL WOOL My Country Fair
10:35 AM      Sunrise Dance from Jasmine Grave
10:39 AM      HOST  Omo
10:43 AM      What is Youth Power
10:51 AM      Youth Gabriel Warren Tap Dance
10:53 AM      Lego OCF 2021 by Woodsie
10:56 AM      Frog Jokes
10:58 AM      “Cart coming through” + HOST  Omo
11:04 AM      David Rodgers Morning Set
11:10 AM      Rob Tobias and Friends
11:23 AM      Wild Edibles Booth intro
11:28 AM      Normal Fauna, Ruby Chocolate
11:31 AM      HOST Omo
11:37 AM      Omo sings for you
11:46 AM      Honk United  – brass & percussion bands as an activist tool
11:53 AM      Planet vs Pentagon
12:00 PM      HOST  Sam
12:06 PM      Woodlander, Full Throttle Folk
12:19 PM      Health & Healing Booth intro
12:25 PM      Health & Healing Relax Tips
12:28 PM      Community Village History
12:36 PM      HOST Sam
12:40 PM      Joey Helpish – Autism Screams
12:44 PM      Ben Luskin Workshop Intro
12:46 PM      the Macks, Rock and roll, psych, blues, punk
12:57 PM      Hug Reel #1
12:58 PM      Frog Jokes
12:59 PM      HOST Sam
1:03 PM        Earthquake info and prep with Jason Patton
1:18 PM        Sunheart, tantric devotional acid folk
1:25 PM        Brian Cutean, veteran Fair Family
1:37 PM        HOST Sam
1:39 PM        STEEL WOOL – Candy – acoustic rock reborn
1:43 PM        Tara Velarde, Diva Blues Rock and Soul
1:52 PM        Rainbow Village
2:00 PM        HOST Tave
2:05 PM        Alex Winters, Rock-pop songs for wayward souls
2:21 PM        The Raventones “Journey over the Dunes”
2:24 PM        Never Ever Band, just like nighttime on the path
2:35 PM        HOST Tave
2:40 PM        Hug Reel 2
2:41 PM        Tim Mueller “You’re My Butterfly”
2:44 PM        More Frog Jokes
2:45 PM        Tave Kate and Little Sue, a three-pack of gals do Bob Dylan songs
2:58 PM        Even More Frog Jokes
2:59 PM        HOST Tave
3:06 PM        Mudzidzi Mbira, mbira music trancey and dancey
3:23 PM        Kudana, Afro-marimba infused with love
3:56 PM        Tim Mueller – Ray Gun
4:00 PM        HOST Jim Page
4:07 PM        Tom Noddy, Bubble magic!
4:34 PM        Joanne Rand, Psychedelic-Folk-Revival
4:50 PM        Normal Bean “Think I’m High”
4:58 PM        HOST Jim Page
5:02 PM        Jim Page performs live from his new CD
5:24 PM        Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show, Political satire through music and drama
5:43 PM        TR Kelly for KindTree – Autism Rocks
5:45 PM        Raventones – Different Kinda Human Being
5:50 PM        Fox n Bones – Really awesome modern vintage, folk-pop duo
5:57 PM        Don’t Kill Polar Bears
6:00 PM        HOST Steve Brown
6:05 PM        Hug Reel #3
6:06 PM        Golden Ours, ethereal rock band
6:12 PM        David Rodgers Evening Set
6:23 PM        Frog is Funny
6:24 PM        Pete Kartsounes, award-winning singer-songwriter
6:28 PM        Chris Chandler, Spoken word with music
6:35 PM        Host Steve Brown
6:38 PM        STEEL WOOL – Just Maybe – acoustic rock reborn
6:45 PM        STEEL WOOL – Love is the Power
6:51 PM        Schmoke anda Pancake, Oregon “greeen grass” alt bluegrass duo
6:55 PM        The Feelings Parade, a movement as much as it is a band
7:00 PM        HOST Steve Brown
7:05 PM        LIVE Broth Band, R&B
7:45 PM        FROG! YES!
7:46 PM        Dusky Blues, blues and more blues
8:02 PM        HOST Steve Brown
8:06 PM        LIVE  Bluphoria, R&B
8:46 PM        Gazelles, trippy Instrumental Postrock
9:03 PM        HOST Steve Brown
9:09 PM        Still More Frog
9:11 PM        Druid Sisters, eclectic world fusion dance band
9:24 PM        Gumbo Groove, bluegrass, folk, rock and country all mixed up = fungrass
9:42 PM        Brightside Blue, heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work and live looping
9:54 PM        HOST Steve Brown…time to say goodbye till next year…
9:59 PM        Hug Reel #4
10:00 PM      Fire Dancing by Jasmine Graves
10:03 PM      Sweep ’em on out!

Credit Crystalyn Frank
OCF Operations Manager Crystalyn Frank on the Fair site in Veneta. She stands in Community Village which her dad helped create. Frank has been going to Fair her entire life.
Credit OCF Facebook
A gate on the OCF site in Veneta. This is the second year that Fair hasn't opened to crowds but held the event virtually.

Tiffany joined the KLCC News team in 2007. She studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has worked in a variety of media including television and daily print news. For KLCC, Tiffany reports on health care, social justice and local/regional news. She has won awards from Oregon Associated Press, PRNDI, and Education Writers Association.
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