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Middle School Principal Shares What Online Assignments Will Entail

Elizabeth Gabriel

As Oregon teachers and students are preparing to begin remote learning for the rest of the school year, a Springfield principal explained what online classes will entail.

Hamlin Middle School Principal Kevin Wright said they are implementing a grid system based on each grade level and content area.

“So within a learning grid, you have a math/science, language arts/social studies, and you have a related arts,” said Wright.

Wright said teachers are able to create learning grid instruction through Google classroom, email, or a teacher’s website. They can also suggest online and offline assignments.

“We say to the students, here's a minimum of six different options,” said Right. “Within those six, pick four and complete them this week. Some of the activities within that learning grid are online options. Some of them are offline options. So an offline option may be, in mathematics, I want you to utilize this resource and build a pyramid using Popsicle sticks, for example.”

Depending on the grade level, the Oregon Department of Education requires 45 minutes to three hours of instruction per day.

Wright also had advice for parents who may struggle to keep their child focused on their assignments. He said structure and consistency are key.

“My advice to parents would be, as much as possible, adhere to and stick to a routine,” said Wright. “A schedule that they can be consistent with, that they can enforce so that kids develop those routines. Because at school that’s so much of what we do. We break it down by period and then within a period there's so many routines by teacher that kids become accustomed to and it becomes rote and it becomes muscle memory. And so develop as much as possible muscle memory at home as well.”

For the past few weeks, districts have been providing students with electronic devices to help families transition to remote learning. Oregon school districts are required to begin remote learning by Monday, April 13th.

Elizabeth Gabriel is a former KLCC Public Radio Foundation Journalism Fellow. She is an education reporter at WFYI in Indianapolis.
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