Benton County Declares Itself A Sanctuary

Dec 22, 2016

Benton County  Commissioners this week (12/20) officially declared themselves a “sanctuary” county.

Benton County Courthouse.
Credit Greg Keene / Benton County

Following the November election and the anti-immigrant sentiment that reared its head during the presidential campaign, many cities, counties and institutions have been considering sanctuary status. This means protecting residents from detainment or deportation on the basis of their immigration status. Benton County spokeswoman Lili’a Neville says the Board of Commissioners wanted to make a public statement.
“That this is a community that at all levels, from its citizenry all the way up to its elected officials wants this to be a community that’s free of prejudice.”

Corvallis and Oregon State University in Benton County have declared sanctuary status. The City of Eugene is considering it.