Black Unity Supporters Show Solidarity with Portland Protesters

Jul 16, 2020


Black Unity supporters stop at the intersection of Maxwell Rd and Grove St. in Eugene, to write Black Lives Matter messages in chalk. Cellphone flashlights have been turned on and held up during a moment of silence to show solidarity with Portland protesters.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

Roughly 200 people met at North Eugene High School on Wednesday for a protest led by Black Unity. Throughout the night, protesters showed solidarity with BLM supporters in Portland.

Black Unity protesters marched through North Eugene neighborhoods. On multiple occasions, they stopped at intersections in the middle of the street to write BLM messages in chalk. During this time, one of the leaders, Jazmine Delilah, shared her experience traveling to support the protests in Portland. 


Another leader, Tyshawn Ford, said the BLM movement is not a political movement, but a civil rights issue. 


“We are not a political movement. We do not give a f— that Trump is a Republican," said Ford. "I cannot be clear enough. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party is not for Black lives. We are fighting for human rights, civil rights.”


He also encouraged supporters of the BLM movement to be more active in person, rather than online.


“We’re not here to boost your views on your Facebook or boost your views on your Instagram," said Ford. "We are here fighting for Black lives. All the people that are well and able, and are allowed to be in these streets who choose not to be, we are not here to help support your views on your social media platform.”


Black Unity will host another protest on Saturday in Eugene at 2pm.