Broadway Metro Is Expanding In Downtown Eugene

Jun 11, 2019

Starting next month, Eugene movie-goers will have more options downtown. The Broadway Metro is expanding.

The Metro opened 6 years ago in the heart of downtown Eugene. Managing Director Edward Schiessl says they’ve hit max capacity in their existing space.

“We aren’t expanding because we’re making money hand over fist. We’re expanding because we’re sort of hitting a wall and having to turn a lot of people away during the busy seasons.”

They’re renovating the former Scan Design building around the corner on Willamette. They’re putting in three auditoriums ranging from capacity of 45 to 120 seats. They’ll also have cocktails and more food options.

“We’ll have a menu something like what you would see at an upscale bar during happy hour, 12-15 small plates.”

The project is funded in part by a loan from the city of Eugene. The Metro plans to open its new theater in mid-July.

The Broadway Metro is holding a Kickstarter fundraiser to replace the seats in its existing theater through June 20th.