COVID-19 'Break-Through' Cases In Lane County To Be Expected

Feb 16, 2021

Oregon made national news recently after four people tested positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after they were fully vaccinated. Two of the so-called “break-through” cases are in Lane County.

Health officials say because none of the approved vaccines are 100% effective, some cases like these are to be expected.

At a press briefing Tuesday, Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis noted the Pfizer vaccine has an efficacy rate of about 95%   

Two Lane County residents tested positive for SARs-Cov-2 after being fully vaccinated. Officials say some break-through cases are expected as the vaccine is not 100 percent effective.
Credit Oregon Health Authority

“That means that five out of one hundred people who received the vaccine would potentially test positive for COVID-19 if they came into contact with someone who was sick.”

Davis said some people develop a false sense of security after getting immunized. The vaccine is not thought to prevent viral transmission-- so masking, distancing and hand washing should be continued whether you are vaccinated or not.

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