Educator And Former KLCC General Manager Jim Dunne Dies at 96

Jan 9, 2021

Former KLCC General Manager Jim Dunne has died. He was 96-years-old. 

Jim Dunne was KLCC General Manager from 1977- 1990.
Credit KLCC archives


Dunne chaired the Lane Community College Media Arts Department from 1977 to 1990.  

For 12 years, he was a Professor of Mass Communications at Washington State University.  His former student, KLCC Membership Director Kris Fox, remembers Dunne as "a demanding professor, both feared and respected in the halls of the Edward R. Murrow buildings at WSU."   Dunne was instrumental in boosting KLCC’s power in western Oregon.

Jim Dunne, left at the dedication of the new KLCC satellite in 1978.
Credit KLCC archives


He also was a World War II veteran, who served as part of the 10th Mountain Division as a skiing infantrymen, fighting German troops in the north Italian alps.

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