Eugene Police Called to Remove Homeless Campers From Right Of Way

Nov 26, 2019

A small homeless encampment in downtown eugene was forced to move Tuesday. A business at 13th and Lincoln Street requested police service in removing tents and belongings from a right of way. Melinda McLaughlin is with E.P.D.

“They have a permit and are going to install improvements on the right of way,” McLaughlin told KLCC. “And so this has resulted in Eugene Police going there and notifying the campers of their requirement to leave. And at this point, people are moving and Public Works is there cleaning up trash. And it looks like some of the campers may be moving to another right of way nearby.”

Homeless advocates reportedly made attempts to delay the move arguing the campers needed more time.  Mclaughlin says when police make this kind of contact, they try to provide campers with information regarding social services. She says at the time of the move, there were only five beds open at Saint Vincent de Paul’s Dusk to Dawn camp.