EWEB to Increase August Funding for Utility Repayment Programs

Jul 31, 2020

To help its customers who are behind on utility payments due to the pandemic, the Eugene Water and Electric Board is doubling the amount of funding available in August for its bill repayment programs.


EWEB's online graphic for crisis relief and payment assistance programs
Credit Nathan Bouquet

Spokesperson Joe Harwood says applications for $260 utility credits will reopen Monday, August 3. He says EWEB is doing everything it can to make sure its customers are able to pay their bills during this challenging time.


"We're just begging people starting on Monday morning to call in and make repayment arrangements and ask for assistance, said Harwood. "We will bend over backwards, we'll do anything we can to keep customers connected throughout this crisis."


Since the pandemic started, utility payment assistance has been provided to those with low income or who have lost their jobs. Harwood says EWEB is not able to defer past-due balances indefinitely, but people can call customer service to get individualized help from staff.


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