Lane Community College to Offer Cybersecurity Courses

May 31, 2019

A two-year cybersecurity program will be offered by Lane Community College in the fall. Students will be prepared to enter the network security workforce with industry-approved computer labs and instructional assistants.

Graphic from Lane Community College's new cybersecurity program webpage. Courses will commence in the fall term.
Credit Lane Community College

According to the program’s lead instructor, Don Easton, there is a national shortage of cybersecurity workers. He believes that Lane has become a leader in addressing the deficit by actively recruiting and working with high school students to increase enrollment.

“There was a recent paper written to the President’s office a few years back from the Department of Homeland Security saying that two-year programs are the stepping stone for our workforce in cybersecurity,” says Easton. “They needed to see more of these to help fill that skills gap.”

Easton expects the program to benefit from expanded course offerings and more network security experts in the future.

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