Listen Back to the Friday Show, May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

On this week's show, we discuss herd immunity to COVID-19, breakthrough cases, varients, vaccines for younger people and more. 

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Lane County Public Health COVID vaccine clinics:

Sat 5/8 at Fairgrounds, ~1900 Moderna prime and boost (2400 spots available)

Sat 5/8 at Autzen, ~1800 Pfizer prime and boost (2400 spots available)

Sun 5/9 at Fairgrounds~550 Moderna boost (1500 spots available) [Mother’s Day]

Mobile clinics next week:

Wed  5/12, Public Health with Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander (ADPI) Community, 32 Pfizer boost

Wed 5/12, Public Health at Head Start (parents and family members), ~100 Pfizer prime

Wed 5/12 Street outreach to unhoused populations, Occupy Medical with Public Health, ~10 Pfizer boost + J&J

Thurs 5/13 Public Health at Bulk Handling Systems (business), ~20 J&J

Fri 5/14, Street outreach to unhoused populations at new location, Public Health, ~20 J&J

Fri 5/14, Public Health at Oregon Ice Cream (business), 78 Pfizer boost

Fri 5/14, Public Health at Escudo/Arc of Lane County, 39 Pfizer boost

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